Tucholskie Forests by kayak

Heaven for kayaking – this is how You can all the waterways in Tucholskie Forests. Wild nature, lowly landscapes , interesting hydrotechnical places and different kinds of waterways – all that makes kayaking through this National Park an unforgettable experience!

Brda river

Brda is well known and one of the most popular kayak way in Poland. It is perfect for those who just start their kayak adventure. The advantage of it is not only the slow water current or no major difficulties in water but the beauty of the Tucholskie Forests. There is now way You will be bored here. The river is extremely charming and variable. Slowly winding around the meadows and forests and suddenly changes is a mountain kind of stream with sharp slopes.

In its upper part there are easy obstruction from time to time. The stream here is a bit faster because the river floats in narrow riverbed. Before getting to Szczytno Lake one can observe herons and  cormorants, which are very popular here. In its middle part (very crowded in the season) is ideal for family kayaking and slow lazy water activities. The last river part due to its higher height differences  has quicker speed, nevertheless this part is still listed as easy.


Meandry Brdy, pomorskie.travel

Brda River is very well marked and has very well developed touristic infrastructure including places to stay over the night. This is one of the best organised river in Poland. All Brda River tributaries may be  a very good addition to the trip or a challenge to a separate kayak adventure. One of the most interesting Brda tributaries are Lipczynka or Ruda.

Brda waterway

Brda waterway: 233 km

  • Number of days: 10
  • Recommended direction of kayaking: Świeszyno – Fordon (Bydgoszcz)
  • Difficulty: the upper part (from Garbaty Most) – medium difficulty, the middle part and the lower one – easy.
  • Tributaries: Zbrzyca, Chocina, Great Brda Canal, Ruda, Lipczynka
  • Number of places to carry the kayak: 5

Propositions of canoeing:

1.Świeszyno – Nowa Brda (25 km)
2. Nowa Brda – Przechlewo OSiR (26 km)
3. Przechlewo OSiR – Małe Swornegacie (25 km)
4. Małe Swornegacie – Mylof (28 km)
5. Mylof – Woziwoda (28 km)
6. Woziwoda – Świt (23 km)
7. Świt – Sokole Kuźnica (20 km)
8. Sokole Kuźnica – Samociążek (22 km)
9. Samociążek – Janowo (13 km)
10. Janowo – Bydgoszcz (most na Fordonie) (23 km)

The Great Brda Canal

Canoeing down the Great Brda Canal and Czerska Stream is an alternative way of taking Brda River kayak waterway. At the beginning quite monotonous, enables to admire the beauty of Tucholskie Forests, recently given the title of the World Biosphere Reserve. The history of the canal is truly interesting, it was built half of XIX c. to rehydrate dry areas of Tucholskie Forests.

The waterway is very easy, and the biggest attraction of it are hydrotechnical monuments. The oldest water dam in Poland – Mylof, built in 1848, taking the water on higher levels onto 12 metres and the unique aqueduct in Fojutowo, which brings the water above the Czerska Stream, built in 1849. Neat the aqueduct there is a big facility for tourists and the viewing platform. The most interesting example is combination canoeing the canal to Fojutowo (12 km) , next 7 km to Czerska Stream up to its estuary to Brda River and then to the village Gołabek (7 KM). Czerska Stream is also navigable canoeing waterway with the length of 16km (from the bridge in Tuchola – Czersk). There is an interesting plant reserve on the easy – yew tree along Czerska Stream.

Zapora Mylof, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Zapora Mylof, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Zapora Mylof, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Zapora Mylof, fot. Pomorskie Travel

The Great Brda Canal

  • The Great Brda Canal: 28 km
  • Number of days; 1
  • Recommended direction of kayaking: Konigort – Fojutowo – Zielonka/Gołąbek
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Numbers of places to carry the kayak: 2
wielki kanal brdy

Wielki Kanał Brdy, pomorskie.travel

Chocina waterway

Chocina waterway brings surprises. At first glance, nothing is going on, nevertheless, the river and its surrounding brings You something, You need to feel it, live it and try to understand. The low current takes You down the meadows and fields with small group of trees along the way.

There are many footbridges above it which destroy the river monotony and using a bit of flexibility You can cope with them without leaving the kayak. The parts that go through the short forest areas are breath taking and arouse admiration even in experienced kayakers, who saw a lot in their lives. Very impressive is also the lower part of the waterway, where You can lose You orientation. The river is meandering so strongly that kayaking with your friends You may end up going all in different directions.

  • Chociny Waterway: 24 km
  • Number of days: 1
  • Recommended way of kayaking: Zielon Chocina – Swornegacie
  • Difficulty: easy
  • The number of places to carry the kayak: 4

Spływ kajakowy Chociną, fot. Mateusz Ochocki, pomorskie.travel

Swornegacie, odpoczynek na trasie, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Swornegacie, odpoczynek na trasie, fot. Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki


Zbrzyca is supposed to be the most beautiful Brda tributary, with its forest landscapes and the diversity. The water way goes though the magic, wild not changed by the human hand nature, which is protected as Zaborski Landscape Park. As the river floats, picturesque forests, from time to time, leave the space for the post glacial lakes. The wellsprings of the river We should search in Sarnowicze Małe Lake, despite that it is better to start from Somińskie Lake. The upper part of the river is a bit troublesome, due to the narrow riverbed and many places to carry the kayak over. The part from Parzyn village is truly breath taking, as well as the river part at the end, where it floats down the wide riverbed, getting to Witoczno Lake , to meet the  Brda River. We have to remember during the lower river level, they may be areas, where You would have to carry the kayaks on the short distance.

Swornegacie, odpoczynek na trasie, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Swornegacie, odpoczynek na trasie, fot. Pomorskie Travel

  • Zbrzyca Waterway: 41 km
  • Number of days: 2-3
  • Recommended way of kayaking: Sominy – Swornegacie
  • Difficulty: The upper part – easy, but troublesome (carrying  the kayak and the shallowness), middle part and the lower part – easy
  • The number of places to carry the kayak: 5

Suggested ways of canoeing:

  1. Sominy – Kaszuba (14km)
  2. Kaszuba – Laska (13km)
  3. Laska – Witoczno (14km)

Czernica with Biała

Czernica River is 56 km long and its tributary – Biała (around 30 km) are very attractive and not yet fully discovered, forest kayak waterway. Both rivers are Gwda tributaries and goes down the very little known forested areas. Those are perfect for those who appreciate silence and peaceful forest camping but are still experienced kayakers. Swift current of the river, many trees in the water won’t let You get bored. The best place to start is the village Sporysz, due to the fact that above this part the river so very narrow, just one person kayak space.

Since few years’ time the Biała kayak water way is also prepared for the kayakers, from Biały Bor (when low water from Trzmielewo or Jeziernik) to CZernica – around 23 km. Biała waterway is easier and more clam than Czernica, so it is good for the beginners.

Swornegacie, pomorskie.travel, Fot. M.Ochocki

  • Czernica waterway: 32 km
  • Number of days: 2
  • Recommended way of kayaking: Sporysz – Sarniak – CZarne – Lubnica
  • Difficulty: medium (trees, fast current)

The number of places to carry the kayak: zero

Recommended kayak parts:

  1. Sporysz – Sarniak 9 17 km)
  2. Sarniak – Czarne – Lubnica 15 km)



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