Surfcasting – beach fishing

While the sight of anglers fishing in lakes or rivers is not surprising, an angler fishing in the sea, straight from the beach, is quite an exotic sight. Surfcasting - as this type of fishing is called - attracts an increasing number of fans of lines, hooks and reels every year. The Pomorskie Voivodeship boasts ideal conditions for practicing it. Surfcasting in the Pomorskie Voivodeship has been developing for over 15 years.

Already at the beginning of 2000, anglers from Karwia, Wladysławowo, Leba and Ustka tried to catch fish straight from the beach. They used telescopic rods for this purpose and the main fishing method was the ground method.

Currently, more and more anglers, disappointed with the lack of fish in lakes and rivers, are trying their hand at fishing from the beach. According to people who have enjoyed beach fishing, it is much more interesting than inland fishing because we have completely different species of fish at our disposal (although there are also freshwater ones such as bream, perch and pike). Sea fish often come very close to the shore and you don’t have to send the set 150 meters to get to them.

Surfcasting fishing shore beach, photo:

Surfcasting fishing shore beach, photo:

What fish can you catch from the beach?

– I will probably surprise you here – says Michał Ceszke from the Sports Sea Fishing Club “Wladek TEAM”. –

Basically all fish that live in the sea and some of those we know from our lakes and rivers. Our Baltic Sea has very little salt, so typically freshwater fish can often be caught as by-catch when fishing from the beach. The leading portal that brings together sea fishing enthusiasts (including surfcasters) is On its pages you can learn everything about surfcasting, fishing from the beach, and anyone interested will find information about the activities of our club here.

Four seasons… and fish

In winter, fishing is difficult, but there are also fewer fish. Persistent fisherman sometimes boast about flounder or cod, but such fishing in low temperatures on the beach is not a pleasure. In spring, the situation changes dramatically, as already in March we catch large amounts of flounder, cod and even sea trout. April and May are the domain of garfish and the ubiquitous flounder, which we will be able to catch until late autumn. In summer, the most frequently caught fish (apart from flounder) are bream and garfish. In autumn, we are able to successfully catch cod, the daily limit of which is 14 pieces.

Surfcasting fishing shore beach, photo:

Surfcasting fishing shore beach, photo:

What about permits and limits?

Both fees, limits and protection dates change relatively often. Therefore, it is worth visiting portals specializing in sea fishing from time to time to check the current legal status. It is worth visiting the website, where you will find an extensive “fishing” section and fresh information on both fees and fishing limits.

 Sea fishing is not something expensive and inaccessible. The average PZW fee on inland waters is approximately PLN 250 per year. When fishing from the beach or in the port (ground fishing, surfcasting, spinning) we have to pay PLN 42 per year. In addition, we do not need to have a fishing license or other permits or courses. You just need to have payment confirmation and ID with you. Holidaymakers and people who fish directly from the beach occasionally can pay per month or per week. If you are a member of a large family and have a Large Family it is cheaper.



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