Opalenie – a land of enchanting landscapes and captivating nature

Opalenie is a large village in Kociewie, located 11 km south of Gniew. Thanks to its location near the left bank of the Vistula and in the immediate vicinity of forest complexes, it is characterized by beautiful landscapes.

Captivating landscapes

There is a settlement called Widlice near Opalenie. This is where the most beautiful view of the Vistula Valley stretches. Below you can see the ponds of the oxbow lake, meadows, then the Vistula, Kwidzyn, to the south the towers of Nowy, and to the southeast, Grudziadz.

Baroque church and evangelical temple

There is also a baroque church in Opalenie. Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, built in 1773 by Jakub Hutten-Czapski. It is a single-nave church with side chapels, made of brick, with a Rococo interior design. It was renovated in 1909 and 1914. Inside there is a medieval granite stoup with a portrait of the temple’s founder, located in the porch. The second post-Evangelical temple from the turn of the XIXth and XXth centuries is not currently used.

Addiction Treatment Center "Zapowiednik"

Addiction Treatment Center "Zapowiednik"

Czapski Palace

In the southern part of Opalenie, at the source of the Murawa water stream and several ponds, there is one of the most charming monuments of Opalenie. It is a palace from around the mid-XVIIIth century surrounded by a park. It was built on the foundations of a XVIIth-century Baroque manor house, from which cellars and underground corridors leading in different directions have survived to this day. The building was once the property of the Czapski family, the then heirs and founders of the main monuments in Opalenie. Currently, the palace is not open to the public because it houses the “Zapowiednik” Addiction Treatment Center.



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