Lębork’s main pedestrian track and most representative street is Staromiejska Street, with 19th- and 20th-Century tenements. Numerous shops, cafes and restaurants. Staromiejska Street is connected with the former old market place, currently Peace Square (Plac Pokoju). Unfortunately, the historic architecture did not live through the last war. The brick shape of St. Jacob’s gothic church, erected in the 14th and 15th Centuries, is well visible from the square. A characteristic element of the architecture is the huge tower, ending with a-richly ornamented stepped peak. The interior of the church is filled with Baroque altars, a Rococo pulpit, and a valuable 18th- and 19th-Century ivory tabernacle.

In the vicinity of the church there are also beautifully-reconstructed elements of medieval defensive structures. In the 14th Century, Lębork was surrounded by an over-1200-metre ring of defensive walls with gates and towers. Significant parts of the defensive structures remain to this day, in the sequence of walls and towers, including the best-preserved angled Ivy Tower (Baszta Bluszczowa). Revitalisation also encompasses three towers with an exhibition and cultural purpose. In the South-East corner of the wall ring, on Przyzamcze Street, there is the former complex of the Teutonic Castle. This splendid building, dating back to the 14th Century, used to be the Teutonic Commune Head headquarters. Unfortunately, numerous redevelopments effaced the stronghold’s original character. Currently, the court and public prosecutor’s office are located in this massive building. Only the granary and mill has remained of the original castle complex.

Nearby, in the tenement on Młynarska Street, there is the Museum in Lebork. One of the most popular exhibits is the disc for long distance image transmission, constructed by Lębork’s citizen, Paul Nipkow. This epoch-making invention of 1884 was the original version of today’s television. Thus, Lebork is often called the Birthplace of Television.

Among other interesting buildings in Lębork, it is worth pointing out the Neo-Gothic town hall, the post office, the Magdalińskich Brewery (Browar Magdalińskich) and the Bismarck Tower (Wieża Bismarcka) erected on the Park Mountain (Góra Parkowa).



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