It’s going to happen – August 2023 in Pomorskie!

No plans for August yet? Here are some suggestions from the series "where to look, what to see, what you must listen to"!

Baltic Sail - an international rally of sailing ships

Where: Gdańsk Ołowianka Island, date: July 7-10

A sailing event whose tradition dates back to 1996, when the cities of the Baltic Sea region signed an agreement. The aim of the originators is to promote the maritime heritage of the European Baltic Sea region and to support traditional Baltic shipping from port to port. In 1997, sailing rallies were initiated in Gdansk as part of the celebrations of 1000 years of the city Gdansk.

Currently, Baltic Sail includes: Gdansk, Klaipeda, Rostock, Karlskrona, Nysted, Riga, Szczecin. This year, once again, the ports associated in Baltic Sail will host sailing festivals, bringing their residents and tourists closer to the maritime traditions of the Baltic Sea region. All vessels, tourist yachts, cutters and motorboats can participate in the rally. During the Baltic Sail Gdansk event, you can take part in cruises around the Gulf of Gdansk on one of the sailing ships participating in the rally, listen to shanties, get acquainted with the maritime heritage of Gdansk and the Baltic Sea. Parades of sailing ships, the march of sailing crews, maritime lectures are permanent elements of the rally.

Historical festival "Vivat Vasa"

Where: Gniew, date: August 11-13

The historical spectacle refers to the battle that took place in 1626 near Gniew during the Swedish expedition known as the “Prussian War”, whose main goal was Gdansk. After landing in Prussia, the Swedish army under the command of Gustav Adolf took Braniewo, Frombork, Tolkmicko, Elblag, Malbork, Gniew and Puck. In September, they also occupied the fortress of Gdanska Glowa, located at the fork of the Vistula Elblaska and Leniwka.

When King Sigismund III Vasa of Poland moved to the rescue towards Gdansk, the Hussar and Armoured Banners, supported by the national infantry, faced the Swedish army near Gniew. The Swedish foreign infantry regiments, armed with pikes and muskets as well as regimental cannons, could not be defeated, they did not lose Gniew. Although the battle was not resolved, the goal to  defence of Gdansk was achieved.

The festival is an event that takes place in various places in Gniew, these are: Vistula Meadows, the city moat, Mikrostyk Station, Hotel Zamek Gniew, Old Town.

A hussar tournament, music concerts, a fair, a historical re-enactment, an archery show, a torchlight march through the Old Town, a display of flags – all this will take place as part of the festival.

D-day Hel

Where: Hel Promontory and the city of Hel

D-Day Hel is an extraordinary historical spectacle referring to the largest Allied landing operation in Normandy in June 1944. Operation Overlord – a military operation that began with the successful invasion of German-occupied France on June 6, 1944 and lasted until the end of August. The Allied landings in Normandy marked the initial phase of hostilities on the Western Front of World War II.

The invasion under the command of General Eisenhower was carried out by the Allied forces, the core of which was the American, British and Canadian forces. Soldiers of the 1st Armoured Division of General Stanislaw Maczek also served among them. The main point of the program is the reconstruction of the battle on the beach in Hel, the most spectacular attractions include the parachute landing of a group of jumpers in historical uniforms and the parade and presentation of military vehicles from World War II.

D-Day Hel - Staging of the Landing on Omaha Beach, Hel

D-Day Hel - Staging of the Landing on Omaha Beach, Hel

“Mozartiana”- International Mozart Festival

Where: Gdańsk Oliwski Park, date: August

The Gdansk festival of Mozart’s music is a festival of his works, taking place in the natural scenery of Mozart’s times in the Oliwa Park, the Abbots’ Palace and the Oliwa Cathedral in Gdansk. It was held for the first time in the World Mozart Year (2006). As part of the Festival, concerts of opera music are held, as well as jazz, folk, klezmer and highlander arrangements of Mozart’s works, as well as literary and music workshops for children.

Since 2013, chamber music concerts have been held in Uphagen’s house. In addition, there are also shows of the “dancing fountain” (in the “light and sound” formula) and the final concert in the Oliwa Cathedral. The originator, main organizer and participant from the first edition is the Polish Chamber Choir Schola Cantorum Gedanensis.

Solidarity Marathon

Where: Tricity, it is canceled on 2023

Every year on August 15, runners from all over the world come to Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk. This is one of the most international marathon runs in Poland. The run also has a historical dimension, as the event refers from the beginning to the historical events of “August ’80”.

Festival of Slavic Mythology

In Owidz, the Festival has been organized for 6 years by the Museum of Slavic Mythology. Its goal is to popularize knowledge about the beliefs and spiritual culture of the ancient Slavs. As part of the Festival, there are concerts, workshops, lectures, meetings with authors, reconstructions of Slavic rituals, and a night festival cinema. There will be historical stalls, exhibitions, a handicraft fair, a game and book zone and other attractions.

Grodzisko Owidz, photo: Pomorskie Travel/I. Daszkiewicz

Grodzisko Owidz, photo: Pomorskie Travel/I. Daszkiewicz

Sopot - Top of the Top Festival

The beginnings of the music festival date back to August 1961. Initially, the Festival was organized in the Gdańsk Shipyard, and its originator was Wladyslaw Szpilman. Since 1963, it has been held at the Forest Opera in Sopot. Over the years, its names changed: the International Song Festival, the International Festival of Intervision, the current name is the Sopot Festival. Television patrons were TVP, Polsat and TVN. Over the years, dozens of stars of the music scene have performed on its stage.



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