Interactive Route of Gothic Castles

The former Prussian lands can be discovered by following marked and marked trails. From now on, you can also meet them virtually!

The Association’s website features an interactive map presenting the most up-to-date and probable visualizations of Teutonic, episcopal and chapter castles in former Prussia from the early 15th century, seen from a bird’s eye view, with the possibility of zooming in or out of a given model.

In this way, the map gives you the opportunity to virtually visit over 20 castles from this century, currently located on both sides of the Polish-Russian border. These are the following facilities: Czluchow, Bytow, Lebork, Gniew, Kwidzyn, Nowe, Malbork, Sztum, Dzialdowo, Nidzica, Ostroda, Olsztyn, Lidzbark Warminski, Gizycko, Ketrzyn, Ryn, Balga, Pokarmin, Krolewiec, Ragneta, Lochstedt.

The available historical and archaeological materials were the basis for building models of the castles. The substantive consultation of the entire project was carried out by: Bogusz Wasik (Castle Museum in Malbork), Wojciech Wolkowski (Warsaw University of Technology), Tomasz Torbus (University of Gdansk), Michal Starski (University of Warsaw) and Marcin Wiewiora (UMK in Torun). An additional element of the map is a game consisting in finding the letters of the password hidden among the construction details of various castles from the interactive map.

The full version of the map can be downloaded from the website



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