From Gdansk to Sopot by bike

Reasons to use the bike are plenty different for each of us. Along with the fun we have from riding a bike the other advantage is the number. Below, we recommend places worth visiting in Gdansk, while riding a bike. Having over 500 km cycling paths (all places where You can get by bike included) Gdansk is an excellent place to use a bike.

When we add the close neighbouring Sopot and Gdynia with their good bike infrastructure we have a very good, diversified area for a bike ride (thinking of all different bike kinds). In this short guide We will offer several kinds of cycling paths with different length with the proper infrastructure and interesting places to visit in a short time period.

Gdansk – Sopot along the seashore

We start in Gdansk. No matter which direction we choose, we always use the cycling path or a special bike line along the road. One of the most popular direction, especially during the summer time is… the sea way. From the centre of Gdansk we head towards Gdynia, to reach Brzezno (we recommend to stay along May 3 Street, unusual bike path built on the two bridges over the train tracks).

The path goes along the main road of the city. The first characteristic place on the way is the big Square of Folk Meetings, where during summer there are concerts organised and in the winter there is a rink.

This way, despite the fact it is situated along three line road is easy and nice because You cycle along the park. Heading towards Gdynia, on the Square of Folk Meeting, around 1.5 km away, there is one of the biggest and the oldest medical university in the Northern part of Poland – University Clinical Centre. After few minutes ride, on the wright side, there is a building of the Polish Opera House, with… the smallest concert hall in Poland.

Pomorskie trasy rowerowe, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Pomorskie trasy rowerowe, fot. Pomorskie Travel

At this point we have to decide, if we continue cycling straight ahead towards one of Gdansk district, Wrzeszcz, or turning left along Haller Street, leading to the near the sea district called Brzezno. As we mentioned before, we use the cycling path leading to the beach all the time. Now we are using the most popular bike – pedestrian path along the Tricity seashore. This cycling path goes along  the sea, passing on the way, for example the pier in Brzezno with one of the guarded sea bathing, the sport – recreation area and the gastronomy part too. Next, we pass small but charming Jelitkowo, a former little fisherman village, that developed into a sea resort with a park and the spa house. Probably no one remembers now that in Jelitkowo there used to be (1909 – 1914) a marina for passenger ships going on the line Gdansk – Sopot.

There was a pier there, totally destroyed by the storm in 1914. In Jelitkowo there is also a small stream entering the waters on the Baltic Bay. We go forward. We get close to the border between Gdansk and Sopot now with the sign and the change in the surface of the cycling path. On the left we will pass covered with wood Marriott Hotel Resort & Spa and the Sopot sailing club. At this point it gets tighter on the path and it will stay like that till Sopot. We reach the Southern Baths Park with the characteristic building of China Hotel and the fountain in the middle. On the bike we can get up the entrance to the Spa Square where You must not ride a bicycle there.

Gdansk, Jelitkowo, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Gdansk, Jelitkowo, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Sopot, Łazienki Południwe, fot. Pomorskie Travel/I. Daszkiewicz

Sopot, Łazienki Południowe, fot. Pomorskie Travel/I. Daszkiewicz

So we walk with the bike through the square or we visit the famous Sopot pier, where You must nor ride a bike as well, (we recommend to remember that). More information about Sopot You will find here. We are heading towards Gdynia, back on the cycling path and on the left side we shall see one of the most famous hotel in Poland, called “The Grand” – Sofitel Grand Hotel Sopot. Now we are in the Northern Bath Park, usually less crowded than the Southern, due to the bigger number of green areas which from now will be more and more of them. Because the cycle path from now goes through the forest. At the end there is Swelina River, called the Border Flow. It is a border between Sopot and Gdynia and during the interwar period also a border between Poland and Free City of Gdansk.



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