Pomorskie restauracje to miejsca ze wspaniałym menu i niezapomnianą atmosferą, zlokalizowane często w zabytkowych częściach miast.

Green Gate Restaurant in Przywidz


Ul. Gdańska 26

83-047 Przywidz

Contact details:

Tel. 58 682 51 55

Zielona Brama Restaurant (Green Gate Restaurant) in Przywidz is a combination of great ambience and exceptionally tasteful food.

It encourages long food tasting, accompanied by a glass of wine. The specialty of the chef is goose meat, and you can feel that with every bite you take. Other meats also rule the plate: duck and guineafowl, together with Batlic fish, more than plenty to choose from. All dishes are prepared with fresh, local products. All this constitutes an extraordinary journey through flavors, an experience you cannot miss out on.