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Stutthof Concentration Camp Tour


Ul. Św. Ducha 26/30

80-803 Gdańsk

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Tel. 58 300 03 48

Stutthof concentration camp was the first and the longest operating German concentration camp in the territory of Poland.

Learn the terrible tale of Stutthof Concentration Camp, the first and longest operating concentration camp in Polish territory. Hear the story of place where thousands of people from more than 25 countries were tortured and murdered until its liberation in 1945.

-Visit the old and new camp quarters of Stutthof
-See the commander's villa
-Go to the gas chambers, and crematorium and hear terrifying tales of mass murder
-Pay your respects at the camp victims' monument
-Learn about the persecution and occupation of Pomerania
-Discover the first Nazi concentration camp outside German territory

Stutthof concentration camp was the first and the longest operating concentration camp in the territory of Poland. It had been established in order to exterminate Jewish and Polish Intelligence, mainly from the Pomerania and the Free City of Gdask. Built in 1939 and initially intended for approximately 3 000 people, this camp gradually became the place of torment and slaughter for over 110 thousand prisoners from 26 countries, most of whom were tortured, forced to work or died in gas chambers.

Stutthof concentration camp is currently open for visitors. Since the exposition is quite drastic, it may be visited only by persons who are 13 or over. The trip lasts 5 hours and the offer includes the entrance ticket to the museum as well as guided exploring of the former Stutthof area - the old and new camp quarters, the main commander's villa, gas chambers, crematorium and the monument to its victims. Additionally, it is also possible to watch a film about the camp.

Time: 4 h

What's included:

• Transportation with an private driver
• Private Stutthof Museum tour guide
• Entrance tickets to Concentration Camp Museum
• Parking fees

Good to Know:
- Pick up from your hotel in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, Please indicate your meeting point.
- Please choose a language for your tour while booking.
- Please note that the camp can only be visited by persons over 13 years of age

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually