In terms of tourism, the area around Słupsk is one of the most interesting regions in Poland. Both Słupsk – a seven-hundred-year-old town, and other fascinating sites, combined with the vicinity of the sea, make it an increasingly-common popular destination for tourists.

Słupsk lies a short distance from the sea, and the sit on which it was founded is a crossing of the Słupia with an ancient route going from west to east along the the Baltic Sea coast. The town, population one hundred thousand, nurtures its historic sites, and especially the local Castle of the Dukes. It also makes every effort to foster local culinary traditions, and to be a significant cultural hub. It hosts music and theatre festivals and artistes’ meetings, and it has its own fair and sporting events. Having at its disposal the largest collection of Witkacy’s work in the world, the oldest operating lift in Europe, and a leaning tower, the Capital of the Słupsk Land has a good reason to advertise itself with the slogan, “Słupsk – more than you think”.

The Capital is matched by the entire region. Its greatest attractions (besides the beautiful Baltic beaches) are the shifting sands near Łeba, called “the Pomeranian desert” and the Checkered-House Land – the area of characteristic rural architecture connected with the Slovincian culture, once inhabiting this place. No less great are the water courses and hydrotechnical monuments of the Słupsk Land. Cutting through stunning landscapes and areas of protected nature, the canoe trails deliver not only experience of invigorating contact with nature, but also to learning about many interesting solutions used in water management and ways to obtain renewable energy from the force of the flowing river waters.

The Słupsk land is a place of diversity, as well as activities, culture, and water tourism. Its untouched nature and well-preserved historic buildings, great beaches and wonderful local cuisine  make it the dream holiday destination .

Miastko Charming, Colorful, Active

Miastko Charming, Colorful, Active

     Hiking tourist rallies, Nordic walking, cycling or  rallies in extreme off-road vehicles driving on time – these activities are available in Miastko municipality to every tourist. Miastko municipality is located in the western part of the Pomorskie voivodeship, in the district Bytowski. What attracts tourists to Miastko and its surroundings is immaculate nature, more than 150 lakes, including Europe's largest lake lobelia called the Great Bobiecinskie  (with its surface of 524.6 ha), as well as the summer woods full of mushrooms and berries. Also interesting are nature trails around Studnica, including the "Green Ruczaj" and the running of Pasieka two trails - "the bathing of Rummel", and "at the source of Studnica"…

Passing the Forestry Office in Miastko we find ourselves in the "Land of Rummel", a charming area full of natural beauty and tourist attractions. For starters, we offer a drink of crystal clear waters from the spring of Hamra, listen to a splash of water from a tiny waterfall, then visit a hunting wigwam, and on the way back reflect at the forest chapel of St. Hubert, and finally look into a hiding place of Rummel, or Pomeranian Janosik.

The water areas of Miastko municipality are perfect for catching big fish, practising water sports including sailing, and swimming in them is a joy. The local capital of watersports is Bobiecino where in the sailing school future fresh and saltwater sailors learn the ropes of sailing.

Tourists who want to combine walking for health with sightseeing of monuments of religious architecture should choose to see timber-framed churches. Among them, the real treasure of the ancient sacred architecture is a restored church located in Trzcinno from the mid-16th century. Similar wooden churches are in Waldowo and Milocice, and Wolcza Wielka offers to see the 19th century neo-Romanesque Lutheran Church with the churchyard cemetery of the Massow family. There are more than 20 farm toursims that are sure to tempt many city dwellers offering familiar food, and most of all the incredible hospitality - "like at Mum's ". All information on staying in Miastko can be received at the youngest object of municipality - Tourist Information Centre - Gate of the Kashubian Ring.