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The Archaeological Heritage Park in Sopot

The early medieval stronghold is located about 400 metres from the Baltic Sea. It should be assumed that this was a protective stronghold, aimed to control and observe the coastal seashore.

It functioned during the pre-Piast period, probably until the foundation of the Gdańsk stronghold near the end of the 10th Century. Amber was an important product in the far-reaching trade contacts of the inhabitants. This is evidenced by the discovered glass beads produced in the workshops of Byzantium, Rhineland and certain Baltic centres, including the Danish Hedeby, Swedish Birka and Staraya Ladoga in northern Russia. It is currently the home of the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum, which aims to promote experimental archaeology, protect archaeological monuments and popularise history (including the annual organisation of fests, which cover several cultural and educational events, including the "Time Machine"). During the school year, there are classes of living history conducted for children and young people. At this time, the workshops of the past crafts come to life; there are numerous public contests, fun and games, axe and sword battle demonstrations, archery, armour presentations, impressive Scottish and Irish dances and concerts of past music.

The Museum and Education Pavilion was opened in 2011. The project was organised by the Sopot City Hall and the Gdańsk Archaeological Museum.

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