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The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre is an institution of culture that fosters artistic activity and popularises theatre on the local and international scales.

The GST also promotes young artistes, supports the development of theatrical creativity and talent, and contributes to theatrical education. The theatre, with the assistance of carefully-selected specialists, dedicated people with passion, wishes to provide inspiration and a sort of a safe haven for talented young creators, supporting them, giving advice, and showing the best development paths. The institution is the main contributor to the construction of the Shakespeare Theatre and organiser of the yearly Shakespeare Festival, which started in 1993, and since 2010 has been part of the European Shakespeare Festivals Network. The construction of the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk was launched in 2011 and has been implemented following the architectural vision of Prof. Renato Rizzi. Thanks to the design by this outstanding Italian architect, the theatre building will resemble a treasure inside a chest. The chest will also have an opening roof allowing performances to be staged in daylight. The official opening of the institution is planned to take place in 2014.

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival enjoys great popularity among theatres and audiences from all over the world. Each of the fifteen editions of this prestigious event was unique, thanks to the original performances and accompanying events: competitions, workshops, exhibitions, meetings with actors and directors, and Summer Shakespeare Academy classes. The festival has for years also featured the artistic and educational programme of "The Talent Factory in Lower Town", addressed at the residents of this Gdańsk district.