The elusive charm of Pomeranian ”pearls”, attractive to tourists and residents, draws both to the more and the less-known places across the whole region.

Guttenberg Bible in Pelplin

The most valuable antique book of Kociewie region is a two-volume Gutenberg Bible, also known as, from the place of its residence the Pelplin Bible, printed in Mainz, in Johannes Gutenberg's workshop in the years 1452-1455.

It is one of the 48 preserved incunables. The Latin text of the Vulgate, or the translation of the books of the Old and New Testament made by St. Jerome, was printed on 541 sheets of paper in a narrow dual typesetting and 42-line system.

This unique, well-preserved masterpiece of the art of printing with the original binding, made in the 15th century in Lübeck workshop by Heinrich Coster, can be seen in the Diocesan Museum in Pelplin.