While it was not long ago that they used to lead ships safely to Pomeranian harbours, today they have become tourist attractions providing breathtaking views of the sea and the land. Built in the 19th and 20th Centuries, they stand now as picturesque monuments to the history of sea navigation.

The Czołpino lighthouse

The trouble that needs to be taken to reach the Czołpino lighthouse is rewarded by the magnificent panorama that stretches out from its observation terrace.

The lighthouse is located on a high dune in the Słowiński National Park between Rowy and Łeba, near the car park and the entrance to the shifting dunes. The 25.2-m-high lighthouse was built in 1872-75, and, due to its location on a dune, its lamp is 75 m above sea level and has a range of 12 nautical miles.