Gothic, Baroque, half-timbered houses, built of wood, brick, or filled with clay or plastered – only Pomerania offers such a diversity of religious buildings. The rich interior decor, the wall paintings and incredible stained glass windows, give the finishing touch to the structures.

Saint Michael the Archangel’s Church

The interior of the Saint Michael the Archangel's Church from 1312 (reconstructed in 1764) is styled in baroque and rococo.

The post-Cistercian furnishings include the main altar from the 18th century, with the painting of the Virgin Mary from the 17th century, the stone figure of the Suffering Mother of Christ in the upper storey of the altar, the gothic painting of the Immaculate in the altar of the Mother of Christ of the Rosary, the medieval stoup, the large wooden folk crucifix and three rococo feretories. The church's vaults hold the grave of the final abbot of the Pelplin Cistercian Abbey - Maciej Prądzyński (died in 1829), who became the parish priest of the New Orthodox Church after the abolition of the monastery. The church cemetery, the history of which dates back to the 14th century, is also worth a visit.