Pomerania offers an unusual way of visiting the region – out of the canoe, thanks to the over 30 navigable canoe trails and 40 kayak routes. Do you regard constant paddling as boring? Certainly not here! When you enter the mountain river you will struggle not to fall into the water, but when you sail on picturesque lakes and rivers you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, only in Pomerania can you finish the canoeing trip over the seacoast.    

The Radunia – extreme experiences, water power plants and magnificent nature

Most enthusiasts of canoeing associate the Radunia with memorable experiences, the thrill of excitement and adrenaline rush, with the last to be found especially in its central, 10 kilometre long, gorge section, forming part of the "Radunia River Gorge" reserve.

Classified as a mountain-river section with an extremely powerful current, numerous rapids and a wealth of trees rising from its bed, this part of the trail challenges even experienced canoeists, and beginners are strongly advised to refrain from attempting to traverse it. It forms part of a nature reserve with strict rules and regulations safeguarding the environment.

It is, however, but one of the river's many faces. Beginners to the sport who value comfort can have a go starting off in its upper course, where Radunia winds through a series of lovely lakes, well-accommodated for tourists, which form the "Radunia Circle" (Kółko Raduńskie) - a water route connecting the lakes of the "Kashubian Switzerland". The picturesque lower course of the river, down from Żukowo, has been heavily imprinted by man, who seized its currents to form a cascade of six monumental water power plants. Traversing this part may be rather troublesome as it calls for many portages.

Below Pruszcz Gdański the Radunia becomes a typical river of the Żuławy area and it flows into the Motława in the town of Krępiec. Only three hours from here the canoeing trip ends under the shadow of the Gdańsk Crane in the Main City centre.

The Radunia Trail: 102 km (Stężyca - Gdańsk)
The recommended route: Stężyca - Ostrzyce - Gdańsk
Number of days: 4
Difficulty: The Radunia Circle - easy; the middle section (Kiełpinko - Żukowo) - very difficult; the lower section - easy but very troublesome
Number of portages: 12 (+2 in the Radunia Circle)