Pomerania offers an unusual way of visiting the region – out of the canoe, thanks to the over 30 navigable canoe trails and 40 kayak routes. Do you regard constant paddling as boring? Certainly not here! When you enter the mountain river you will struggle not to fall into the water, but when you sail on picturesque lakes and rivers you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, only in Pomerania can you finish the canoeing trip over the seacoast.    

The Liwa Route – discovering the nature and monuments of Powiśle

The Liwa is an incredibly picturesque and varied canoe route.

Of particular interest is its woodland, middle course, between Prabuty and Szadowski Młyn. It is rich in bewitching and pristine corners, but also has well-developed forest camping grounds. Unfortunately, the river often features serious problems with the water supply, especially in its most interesting, middle course. At low water level, towing your canoe may be necessary in many places. The route is also riddled with difficult and inconvenient portages. The Upper Liwa is available for canoeists from the area of Kamieniec Suski (the monumental palace ruins). Winding through fields and meadows, near the fascinating little town of Prabuty, it passes through the vast Lake Dzierzgoń and the reed fields of the water fowl reserve "Lake Liwieniec". From here, along a distance of about 30 km, it flows through the dense complex of Kwidzyn Forests. The lower course, from Kwidzyn and almost to the mouth, is actually a regulated, monotonous and embanked canal. Only before Biała Góra does the river starts meandering again, and the route becomes interesting once more. Persistence is rewarded, as those who get here can see 19th-Century sluices in Biała Góra, and can continue the canoeing trip on the Nogat, towards Malbork.

The Liwa Trail: 79 km

The recommended route: Prabuty - Kwidzyn - Biała Góra

Number of days: 4-5

Difficulty: the upper and middle courses - hard and troublesome; lower course - easy

Number of portages: 7