Gothic, Baroque, half-timbered houses, built of wood, brick, or filled with clay or plastered – only Pomerania offers such a diversity of religious buildings. The rich interior decor, the wall paintings and incredible stained glass windows, give the finishing touch to the structures.

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wróblewo

The village of Wróblewo dates back to 1308, when it was granted by Władysław the Elbow-High to the sons of the Gdańsk Chamberlain Unislav, Tczew Castellan Jan and Jakub.

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands surrounded by old trees. It is currently a chapel of the Wocławy Parish. The Church faces towards the east, is built on a rectangular plan, and is covered with a high pitched roof. The western wall features stained-glass windows framed with wooden timbers, and on the extension of the facade a square tower was placed with a frame structure, same as the rest of the building. A small porch has been added in the south. This side also features 5 irregularly-spaced windows of various sizes.

Initially, the building served the functions of a private chapel for the Scheweke family, and from 1639 it was the property of the City of Gdańsk. In the 17th and 18th Centuries the church was extended with a presbytery part, tower, and annexe. Thus it assumed the shape that we can admire today.

Foto: M. Bieliński - Dep. Turystyki UMWP