Hectic pace of our lives, stress, and being overburdened with duties make our bodies crave rest and regeneration. In recent years, we have begun to realise the relationship between the lives we lead and our health, fitness, and looks.

The increasing need to take care of ourselves, not only on the physical level, made the word “Wellness” popular. It became synonym for healthy lifestyle, and a new fashion. More and more people, who are otherwise consumed by their work and career, want to spend any free time they get in places that guarantee complete relaxation and a pleasant, body-cleansing physical effort.

Because of the wide range of services they offer, SPA facilities in Pomorskie are the most commonly chosen ones. Here, in the beautiful surroundings of sea and forests, we can enjoy the benefits of beauty salons, pools, jacuzzi, or take care of our bodies in fitness clubs.

Wellness is supposed to lead to harmony between body and soul. This is what makes stimulating senses, also through aesthetical part of a given place, so important. This is why many people think that if they are to spend their time in a SPA, they will do it only at the seaside, where the sound of waves, and golden sand help to soothe the senses.

Water is an important element of the SPA & Wellness philosophy. It is for body, what dreams are for the soul: it makes us active, relaxes, and stimulates to action. This is why many treatments are performed using water therapy and hydro massage. It is beneficial not only to the body, which is rejuvenated and moisturised, but also to the mind, which thanks to various techniques gets positively stimulated and calm. Treatments that use water, and the natural sound of sea waves make Wellness a concept that is happily promoted on the seaside.

Pomorskie-based hotels, complexes, SPA facilities, and cosmetic salons offer a wide range of treatments that sooth body and mind: hydro massages, therapeutic and relaxing baths, natural peelings, and many more. We can select from different seaside towns: from Tricity, through Rumia, Słupsk, Władysławowo, Jastarnia, Hel, Jurata, Ustka, or Łeba.



Ul. Klifowa 5

84-104 Jastrzębia Góra

Contact details:

Tel. 58 674 91 58

Our hotel is located on Rozewie Cape, the northernmost point in Poland. Its peace and quiet allow full enjoyment of the beautiful surroundings.

The venue is situated 40 metres above sea level, and 40 metres from the seashore. Each room has a view of the entire sea panorama. The hotel borders the famous Fox Gulch, where Sigismund III Vasa landed in 1598 after an unsuccessful journey for the Swedish crown. The Fox Gulch is a magnificent centuries-old beech forest, affording peaceful strolls and the wonderful scent of the sea and forest air. There is a picturesque canyon with blossoming yellow and gold brooms nearby. We ensure comfortable relaxation in luxury apartments and rooms equipped with picture lunettes. The lunettes allow you to view the immense distance and vastness of the sea water, admire the ships and fishing boats returning from their journeys surrounded by seagulls, the sunrises and sunsets reflected in the peaceful open waters.