Catholic, Protestant, Mennonite, Jewish, Orthodox, and also military. The gravestones, epitaphs, and mausoleums are tokens of the turbulent history of the region.

The Jewish Cemetery in Sopot

The Jewish cemetery, located on Malczewskiego Street in Sopot, was founded in 1913.

It is located next to the Catholic and municipal cemeteries. It hosts the graves of well-known members of Jewish families who resided in Gdańsk. Oficially, the cemetery was closed in 1948. It was devastated during and after World War II. In 1987, the cemetery became the point of interest of the Nissenbaum Family Fund. Its renovation was completed in 1988. During this time, many gravestones with inscriptions in Hebrew, Polish, German and Russian were discovered, the fence was fixed and the original gate with the Hebrew inscription "This is the Gate to God" was renovated.