To call the Pomeranian Voivodeship an angler’s paradise would not be an overstatement at all. It is made so by the plenitude of water bodies, and the resulting unprecedented variety of fish species which are not to be found in central and southern Poland. All sorts of piscators are indeed spoilt for choice – there are trophies awaiting float fishers, spin anglers, feeder fishers, and fly fishers, those who prefer night fishing and those who like to chase salmon in the morning, those who fish with rods, delicate reels, and ice rods, enthusiasts of boat fishing at sea, and those who opt for trolling, as well as sea-spin anglers and surf fishers. Before you start, make sure you know who manages the fishing ground, what fees are payable, and which fishing methods are allowed.

The lakes of Kashubia and Kociewie feature both coarse fish (roach, rudd, bream, crucian carp, bleak, carp, grass carp, and silver bream) and typical predators (pike, pikeperch, perch, catfish).

Żuławy also boasts excellent fishing grounds. The Vistula’s canals and delta let you freely angle from the bank, a boat, a sailing boat, or a motorboat. Besides the mentioned species, the rivers of the mouth of the Vistula and the big river itself are also replete with chub, ide, asp, vimba, common whitefish, and also bull trout and salmon migrating upstream.

Many of Pomerania’s watercourses resemble mountain rivers, featuring magnificent specimens of brown trout, rainbow trout, and grayling. A peculiar attraction that draws crowds of Salmonidae tamers here is fishing for bull trout, salmon, and the extremely belligerent rainbow trout which come to Pomeranian rivers in the spawning season. It is a true rarity and pleasure to catch a lake trout from Lake Wdzydze, but it must be returned to the water.


Splendid, though until recently underestimated, fishing grounds are found in the Baltic and Gdańsk Bay. Boat trips for cod are naturally the most popular, holding an occasional surprise catch of a large salmon. You can have great results during fishing from the banks – from harbour exits and seawalls you can catch flatfish, herring, and eel. In the summer you can catch some freshwater fish, which follows from the low salinity of the seaside area of the Baltic. In the autumn you will have a lot of excitement fighting with cod, large flounder, and even turbot on your surf rod. Pomeranian beaches make up a perfect training ground for sea-spin anglers. In neoprene waders or on board a small boat you can try your luck catching brown trout and garfish, which periodically appear in the local waters.


The Pomeranian range of angling attractions is supplemented by outstanding special fishing grounds. Ponds, lakes, and certain sections of rivers are inhabited by medal-winning specimens of carp, grass carp, pike, trout, catfish, salmon, and bull trout.

Going fishing? Only in Pomerania – and all the year round!



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