Le sentier "Gdańsk-Poméranie Culinarny Prestige" est principalement l’offre d’une  gastronomie de qualité de la région de Poméranie. Le sentier constituent les restaurants avec la philosophie  slow food et servant les plats d'auteur  à base de produits régionaux au plus haut niveau. Le projet est coordonné par  l’Organisation Touristique Régionale de Poméranie.

 „Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige” est une offre valable toute l'année qui permet de découvrir le vrai goût de la région, qui a des racines dans son histoire et des produits uniques. Le sentier culinaire réunit  les restaurants de toute la région de Poméranie, qui offrent  des sensations gustatives inoubliables. La tradition et les produits régionaux sont la garantie d’une haute qualité.

Le sentier culinaire n’est pas  seulement une offre gastronomique, mais aussi  les événements culinaires basés sur des spécialités régionales, complétant ainsi l'offre culinaire dans la région de la Poméranie. Les événements les plus  importants et intéressants sont:  Nuit des Restaurants,  Sopot du côté de la cuisine, Festival de Slow Food,  Fête d’Asperge, Chmielaton,  Festival de  Canneberge,  Récolte des Fraises, Oie de Poméranie de Saint-Martin et  Festival Pomuchla.



Restaurant Gdański Bowke


Ul. Długie Pobrzeże 11

80-803 Gdańsk

Détails de contact:

Tel. 58 380 11 11

In the heart of old Gdańsk there is a restaurant that lures customers not only with beautiful interior and atmosphere of a harbor, but also freshly baked bread or home made pierogi (dumplings).

On the one hand, there are strong references to tradition. On the other, visible modern culinary trends and inspirations. We can risk a statement that food served in Gdański Bowke restaurant is an original and extremely delicious paradox.

-Gdański Bowke has always provided the best and oldest Kashubian recipes, dressed in modern outfit. I would like my cooking to be both traditional and modern - says Marcin Faliszek, executive chef at Gdański Bowke restaurant.

Owners of the restaurant mention tradition on every step. They point out that Gdański Bowke allows to feel the vibe of a harbour city from 200 years ago. The experience deepens when you're enjoying traditional, Polish cuisine and best liquors. There are plenty of the latter here: from classic, Gdańsk vodka, such as Machandel or Goldwasser, through beer from local, craft breweries, and home-made tinctures (rowan, plum, or date, among others). As we all know, a harbour without liquor is no harbour.

However, although liquors were crucial, they were nothing without decent food.

So, what does Gdański Bowke have to offer this season? - For a starter, I recommend crayfish in white wine with garlic and chilli. A simple dish, deeply rooted in the region's cuisine, with pronounced flavour - says Marcin Faliszek.

Main courses include, among others, wild boar bacon with baked young parsley roots and string-bean in red wine sauce, or beef loin in pepper sauce with Kashubian strawberry, pickled vegetables, and baked potato.

Speaking of Kashubian strawberry. There is no better place than Gdański Bowke restaurant to enjoy this delicious fruit prepared in the traditional way. When it comes to desserts, the executive chef also enjoys treating guests with raspberry, a fruit that is best served on hot, summer days.

Just like it was years ago, cooks and chefs in Gdański Bowke aim at preparing as many ingredients as possible on the spot. This is why, each day they bake home-made bread, make pates, as well as pickled cucumbers. They also process meat that later becomes part of many dishes. A fine example would be goose stomachs, which undergo processing to later become powder that serves as decoration, and an ingredient that gives dishes their final flavour.

Since Gdański Bowke restaurant is located on the most frequented walking route of the Main Town, visiting it is a must. Also because of its décor and the legend of Bówke, which is a mandatory lecture while in Gdańsk.