Pomerania offers an unusual way of visiting the region – out of the canoe, thanks to the over 30 navigable canoe trails and 40 kayak routes. Do you regard constant paddling as boring? Certainly not here! When you enter the mountain river you will struggle not to fall into the water, but when you sail on picturesque lakes and rivers you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, only in Pomerania can you finish the canoeing trip over the seacoast.    

Down the Nogat, the Szkarpawa and the Wisła Królewiecka – canoeing in the rivers of the Żuławy Loop (Pętla Żuławska)

An original alternative to your typical canoeing trip may be a several-day journey along the rivers of the Żuławy Loop.

You can start it on the calm and stately waters of the Nogat, next to a historic sluice complex and the new marina in Biała Góra. Passing by the majestic castle in Malbork, the new North Park (Park Północny) marina, and the three sluices, you then reach the mouth of the Nogat. While not entering the Vistula Lagoon (very dangerous for small vessels!), you should turn to the Szkarpawa and enter another new marina in Osłonka. This is close to the flood-way system in Rybina. From here, you commence a short circular trip on the Wisła Królewiecka to Sztutowo, and then finish the trip by the sluice in Gdańska Głowa. Both the Szkarpawa and the Wisła Królewiecka form the outlet arms of the Vistula delta. They are wide and nearly lacking in current, yet at times incredibly picturesque. The areas through which they flow are loosely populated and are full of attractive places and interesting monuments. If you extend the trip by two days (about 30 km), it is possible to reach the Gdańsk city centre on the Vistula and the Martwa Wisła.

The recommended route:

Biała Góra - Malbork - Rybina - (Sztutowo) - Gdańska Głowa: 98 km

Number of days: 5

Difficulty: easy and smooth, watch for waves

Number of portages: 3 (Nogat)