Numerous well-stocked museums exhibiting the gems of the Pomeranian cultural heritage.

The Diocesan Museum in Pelplin


Ul. bpa. Dominika 11

83-130 Pelplin

Contact details:

Tel. 58 536 12 21

The Diocesan Museum in Pelpin is a key cultural institution to Pomerania, particularly to Kociewie and Kashubia.

The origins of the museum reach as far back as the nineteen twenties. The continuously-growing collections found their place in various venues, starting with the residence of the Bishop in Toruń, through the Gdańsk Collegium Marianum, up to the presently-occupied building, assembled in the nineteen eighties in the development complex of the former Cistercian monastery, which is the present Episcopal curia.

The most valuable treasure of the Pelpin Museum is Poland's only copy of the two-volume Gutenberg Bible. The three exhibition rows on the ground floor, which is divided into smaller rooms, are intended for temporary exhibitions, the Papal collection related to the Pelpin visit of the Holy Father John Paul II, the Treasury, the Gutenberg Bible, and occasionally other old prints and manuscripts, and collections of fabrics and modern art from the Baroque era to contemporary times. Medieval art is presented on the first floor in three large exhibition rows divided into sub-periods: 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries.

Foto: Dep. Turystyki, UMWP