Pomerania offers an unusual way of visiting the region – out of the canoe, thanks to the over 30 navigable canoe trails and 40 kayak routes. Do you regard constant paddling as boring? Certainly not here! When you enter the mountain river you will struggle not to fall into the water, but when you sail on picturesque lakes and rivers you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, only in Pomerania can you finish the canoeing trip over the seacoast.    

The Łeba Route – from the heart of Kashubia into the Land of Slovincians

The Łeba's most amazing feature is its diversity.

Each stage is a far cry from the others. In its upper course, the river is demanding, with numerous obstacles in the riverbed - fallen trees, ubiquitous branches and shrubs, snags outcropping from the water or from the waterside.

The current is quite calm, quickening only at times. Starting from Tłuczewo, the route changes. In entering a forest ravine, it speeds up, giving rise to the most extreme section of the river. The steep slope, stony bed, and the numerous boulders create very strong and long rapids, and are a source of wonderful thrills - beware of the low water level, though, as it can pose a considerable problem. When the waters are high, experienced and assiduous canoeists will find this section a source of great joy and challenge. From Lębork, the river calms down again, becoming the perfect watercourse for one-day trips and for beginners. Family trips and water leisure are what this section is made for. The canoe route ends in Łeba, but the trip should conclude in Gać, as canoes are prohibited from entering Lake Łebsko. To cross the lake you need a special permit from the Director of the Slovincian National Park.

The Łeba Route: 102 km.

The recommended route: Sianowo - Gać

Number of days: 6

Difficulty: upper course - medium; the Tłuczewo - Paraszyno stage - extreme; the Paraszyno - Lębork stage - medium; lower course (from Lębork) - easy

Number of portages: 14