EXPERYMENT Science Centre

Several hundred interactive stations, temporary exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, experiments - all of this can be found in Gdynia EXPERYMENT Science Center.

EXPERYMENT is one of the first and largest Polish science centers. Since 2007, it combines learning and fun in an attractive form of leisure activity. The center is an unusual experimental workshop for little and big explorers, where they can, on their own, carry out experiments and thus learning about the rights that occur in nature. The center is a place where curiosity about the world around us is stimulated through the most pleasant of methods – great fun, in which everyone can participate regardless of age or interest. 3500 m2 of exhibition space, more than 200 interactive stations, unlimited sightseeing, passionate educators, constantly available at the exhibition.

Gallery HYDROWORLD is certainly a jewel in the crown of the EXPERYMENT exhibition.The stations provide visitors lots of fun, and at the same time give an opportunity to gain knowledge of hydrology. At the gallery, playing the role of engineers, constructing and setting in motion complex mechanisms, we will familiarize ourselves with the operation of a sluice, a dam, the Archimedes screw, and even we will have a chance to create a huge whirlpool!

Gallery TREE OF LIFE in an interactive way will make visitors better acquainted with the consistency, beauty and fascinating wildlife activity. The central point of this area is a huge sized tree – a spectacular exhibit, which also serves as an observation deck on that part of the exhibition space. Visitors will experience the earthquake first-hand, and also check what the animals’ eyesight is. There will also be paleontological and recreation zones.

No less interesting seems the exhibition space of OPERATION: HUMAN. Here, visitors – explorers learn the secrets of the functioning of the human body. Interactive stations will answer, inter alia, the questions: how are we built? How do our senses function and if they can deceive us? You will have the opportunity to become a little corpuscle in an enormous heart, you can also perform a virtual surgery and see how you will look in 30 years!

Exhibition INVISIBLE FORCES proves that you do not need to study patterns and charts to better understand the field of science, such as physics. The interactive stations allow to ingest the nature of sound or the essence of electricity and magnetism. You can also see how the laws of physics help strengthen our grip so as to pick up a heavy stone with no effort at all.




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