Die kulinarische Route "Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige" ist ein Angebot vor allem für Liebhaber von Kulinarien hoher Qualität, die die pommersche Region anzubieten hat. Diese Route bilden Restaurants, die nach Slow-Food-Kriterien kochen und eine kreative Küche auf Basis regionaler Produkte auf dem höchsten europäischen Niveau servieren. Koordinatorin des Projektes ist die Regionale Tourismusorganisation Pommern (Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna).

"Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige" lädt das ganze Jahr ein, den echten Geschmack der Region, tief in der Geschichte und den lokal spezifischen, regionalen Produkten verwurzelt, zu entdecken. Diese kulinarische Route umfasst Restaurants aus der ganzen Region Danziger Pommerns, da wo die Küchenchefs für unvergessliche Geschmackserlebnisse sorgen. Die kreative Kochkunst, die auf der Tradition und den regionalen Produkten aufbaut, sichert den Gästen besondere kulinarische Erlebnisse in den Restaurants auf der Route.

Auf der kulinarischen Route warten auf Sie nicht nur Restaurants, sondern auch vielfältige kulinarische Events, die an regionalen Spezialitäten orientiert sind und das kulinarische Angebot der pommerschen Region ergänzen. Bemerkenswert sind solche Veranstaltungen, wie: Nacht der Restaurants (Noc Restauracji), ein Slow Food Festival: Zoppoter Küche Inside (Sopot od kuchni), Spargelfest (Święto Szparagów), Danziger Biermarathon "Chmielaton", Moosbeere-Festival (Festiwal Żurawiny), Erdbeerernte (Truskawkobranie), Pommersche Martingans (Pomorska Gęsina na św. Marcina) oder auch Pomuchel Festival also anders gesagt: Ostseedorsch Festival (Festiwal Pomuchla).


Information zu den Restaurants und den kulinarischen Events auf der Route können Sie dem thematischen Blog entnehmen:


1906 Gourmet Restaurant im Palast Ciekocinko


Ul. Ciekocinko 9

84-210 Ciekocinko


Tel. 58 572 25 08

-We are faithful keepers of Polish cuisine; we look for flavours and inspiration in pristine environments. We are guardians of regional goods, enthusiastic proponents of cultivating regional recipes – says Zuzanna Busłowska from Pałac Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant allows you to discover the most delicious and precious treasures of the Polish culinary tradition.

1906 Gourmet Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant with a seasonal tasting menu. It is one of the most characteristic spots in northern Poland. Years of hard work and head chef Paweł Dołżonek’s commitment resulted in reaching the pinnacle of the culinary art.

-Our challenge is, most of all, to maintain the aforementioned level, and setting new goals. Although cooking is an art, we never lose track of what is most important in our passion: the individual preferences of our guests. So when using recipes or creating our own we always keep in mind that we may have to modify a dish, so that it gives maximum pleasure with minimal tampering with its flavour – says Paweł Dołżonek.

The menu comprises dishes that are prepared from local products. In spring, 2016, Paweł Dołżonek started an organic garden with vegetables and herbs, in order to offer his guests even more refined flavours and aromas. He obtains other products from selected, regional suppliers, in accordance with the seasonality principle. The kitchen staff prepare home-made breads, jams, mushroom preserves, honey, and other delicious treats.

As the owners say, the restaurant addresses the idea of Comfort Food. This means that food has to be associated with a state of bliss, with childhood memories, or generally good times in life. On the other hand, 1906 Gourmet Restaurant offers vintage culinary trips. In this case, vintage is defined as discovering Polish cuisine in a completely different way, using regional products available in the nearest vicinity.

-At least once a month, a themed dinner takes place in 1906 Gourmet Restaurant, prepared by the head chef and guests he invites. We take our guests on a culinary journey: to the nearby forest, the regional market, or a journey back in time, like one time when the head chef served dinner inspired by dishes served in Ciekocinko in the year 1906 – says Zuzanna Busłowska.

At this point it is worth noting that any visit to 1906 Gourmet Restaurant is also an experience for the eye. uncanny, classy interiors of the restaurant and the hotel will impress even the greatest experts in interior design.