There are many pristine areas in the Pomorskie Region, which constitute a real paradise for birds and other animals, and at the same time for those enthusiasts of the observation of them. To see the life of wild nature with your own eyes is an experience which cannot be compared with anything else. It is worth planning your meeting with fauna and flora, ensuring comfortable conditions for yourself, and the support of experienced naturalists, who will help to find charming views.

►Hunting with a camera

Birdwatching in Pomorskie, fot. geraldine -

In the coniferous forests of Kwidzyn, you can spot not only Deer, Boar, or Moose, but also predators – wolves are increasingly seen, and recently even golden jackals. The fields around the forests are full of hares and pheasants, and more and more you can spot a partridge running from under your feet. In the nearby swamps common cranes have their nests raptors in their turn nest in the treetops.

The variety of habitats – from coniferous pine forests to fertile, thick deciduous forests, in-forest meadows or numerous lakes and streams – is a great background for preserving and observing animals, and this in itself is equally perfect photograph material. Guides in this world are foresters who know the local areas perfectly, and are nature enthusiasts.

The offer includes:

– three-day hunting with a camera (6-8 h) with a guide,

– 2 early morning departures (before the sunrise) and 1 afternoon departure,

– a hot meal in the bosom of nature,

– stay and HB in Pensjonat Iskra,

– horse riding and a lesson about horse maintenance in a stable under the watchful eye of an instructor

– access to the property’s facilities (fishing, trampolines, playground, hammock, game saloon, fireplace room),

– 24 h coffee-tea service,

– accommodation and board (4 meals) in Pensjonat Iskra,

– airport pick-up (+ 650 PLN),

– service in English.


1 500 PLN per person (for a group of max. 3)

1 400 PLN per person (for a group of 4-5)

Contact us:

Stajnia ISKRA

Łąkowa 19, 82-400 Sztumskie Pole

phone: +48 512 666 120



►Birdwatching in the Northern Poland

 fot. Shannon Fagan

Aktiv Tours Reisen invites you for a 3-day ornithological trip across Northern Poland. The first day includes an expedition to Słowiński Park Narodowy [Słowiński National Park], which will mesmerise the participants with its moving dunes among other things. The next day involves a ship crossing and exploration of Ławica Słupska [Słupsk Bank], which is located 25 miles from the shore. Its grounds are a perfect environment for many organisms – you can find here, among others, red alga, mussels, a lot of shellfish, like Bathyporeia, common goby, turbot or cod. Ławica is also a bird sanctuary,  for among others, the European herring gull. On the last day of the trip, the exploration of Mewia Łacha [Gull Backwater] reserve on Wyspa Sobieszewska [Sobieszewska Island] is planned. During the 2,5-hour trip you will have an opportunity to observe birds, seals and beavers. The viewing platform on Wyspa Sobieszewska is a great place to look for birds overwintering on the Wisła [Vistula] river, as well as for sandy dunes.

The offer includes:

– 2-night stay with HB in hotel in Łeba****,

– 1-night stay BB in hotel in Gdańsk***,

– 1 high tea in a restaurant in Główne Miasto in  Gdańsk – within HB,

– service in English,

– bus transport, as stated in the programme,

– an entry to Słowiński Park Narodowy and a ride by electric bus,

– an ornithological trip to Wyspa Sobieszewska, coffee service and a small meal included,

– local fees.

Price for 1 person in a twin room:

min. 10 pairs – from 465 EUR

*an additional cost of a single room – from 127 EUR

Contact us:

Aktiv Tours Reisen Sp, z o.o.

Jaśkowa Dolina 114, 80-286 Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 344 38 79 int. 10, +48 607 808 183


►Weekend offer in bird colony “Akuku”

Fot. apismellifera

A three-day stay in Ptasia Osada [Bird Colony] can give you relaxation in the bosom of nature, it will also allow you to get to know the most popular local attractions. Forest observations and bicycle trips with an ornithologist across the Słowiński Park Narodowy with the offer of Muzeum Wsi Słowińskiej [Slovincian Country Museum] and tasty cuisine, is a guarantee of a successful rest. Birdwatching enthusiasts will have a different experience depending on the season. In the spring the organizer invites you for „Wstajemy z Ptakami – czyli koncert życzeń w porze godów” [“We get up with the birds – a concert during the mating season ”]. Early birds will have the opportunity to listen to larks and a sea eagle, and observe awaking cranes, garganeys, teals, gadwalls and widgeons. Autumn is in turn a perfect time for observing the birds passing to their winter roosts located in western Europe and northern Africa. Also in the winter birdwatching enthusiasts won't be disappointed – it's the perfect time for observing overwintering birds, which came here from the faraway Arctic.

The offer includes:

– round-the-clock bike rental (a group of 20 – 20.00 PLN),

– picnic basket (Slovincian specialities – 15 PLN per person),

– 2-night stay in houses Ohar [Shelduck] (10 people), Puszczyk [Wood owl] (4 people), Kwokacz [Greenshank] (6 people) except summertime (July, August) – 20 people, 40 PLN per day,

– bonfire,

– supervision of qualified ornithologist and guide.


– depends on the number of people

Contact us:

Puk Puk Eco

Juliusza Słowackiego 32, 76 – 213 Gardna Wielka

phone. + 48 603 548 994, + 48 606 891 668



►Leśne Szlaki Runowa – With camera on foot

Fot. michaeljung

Nature can surprise. Thanks to the trails and proprietary routes on the territory of Rezerwat Przyrody Grodzisko Runowo [Grodzisko Runowo Nature Reserve], you can spot wild beech backwoods and water meadows, monumental beeches and oaks with circumference of more than 3 metres. For conquerors the old Slavic rampart with a settlement and a kurgan burial ground –it is the only place like this in the western Pomorskie Region. A great attraction are also the megaliths in nearby Łupawa – the biggest preserved burial ground of this kind in Poland. All these places can be explored and captured in photos by yourself or with the support of a guide – on foot or by bike.

The offer includes:

– accommodation and board (4 meals) in Pałac pod Bocianim Gniazdem in Runowo,

– tasting of local specialities,

– trips to nature reserves Grodzisko Runowo, Arboretum in Kozino and Megality Łupawa,

– horse ride with an opportunity of a photo shoot on a saddle in the forest,

– a possibility to enjoy the facility's infrastructure,

– service in English,

– an option to rent a leisure time animator for children (additional cost: 100 PLN per day),

– a pick-up from the airport (additional cost: 700 PLN),

– a pick-up from PKP Lębork (free),

– an option to alter the programme to fit a group.


3-day stay – 600 PLN/person

3-day stay with a guide – 800 PLN/person

5-day stay – 1 000 PLN/person

5-day stay with a guide – 1 200PLN/person

Contact us:

Ośrodek Pałac pod Bocianim Gniazdem

Stajnia Pałac Runowo

Runowo 23, 76-230 Potęgowo

phone: + 48 602 445 113



►Vistula delta with a camera

fot. SolisImages -

To the east of Gdańsk, there are the mouths of two rivers: the Vistula – flowing into the Baltic Sea – and the Nogat, flowing into the Vistula Lagoon. They create a unique, spectacular and, relatively unknown for the surroundings place – a delta. This region is inhabited by more than 2 thousand species of birds and wild animals. You can meet here, amongst others, the biggest predatory birds – sea eagle, the fastest aerial hunter – falcon and the smallest birds in Europe – goldcrests. The delta region abounds also in wild animals: roe deer, moose, boar and more and more numerous grey wolves. It is the best place to observe birds and wild nature, so it is worth planning your trip while considering an experienced guide for it, who will introduce us to the world of wild nature.

The offer includes:

– a pick-up from a previously agreed place,

– 8-hour trip,

– transport,

– an English-speaking experienced guide with a licence,

– a possibility of a stop for a dinner (not included in the price).


750 PLN (for a group of 3 people)

Contact us:

Michael Gannon

phone: +48 600 260 678