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La ruta “Gdansk – Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige” (Gdansk – Prestigio Culinario de Pomerania) supone sobre todo una propuesta para gourmets y está dedicada al arte culinario de calidad que ofrece la región de Pomerania. La ruta está creada por los restaurantes que emplean la filosofía slow food y que preparan sus platos a partir de productos regionales en un nivel europeo muy alto. El proyecto lo coordina PROT (Organización Regional de Turismo de Pomerania).

“Gdansk – Pomorskie Culinarny Prestige” es una oferta de todo el año, que permite descubrir el verdadero sabor de la región arraigado en su historia y productos únicos. En su recorrido, la ruta abarca los restaurantes de toda la región de Pomerania donde las inolvidables experiencias culinarias son garantizadas por los Chefs. La actitud hacia la tradición y el uso de productos regionales en los restaurantes de la ruta, son una garantía de una experiencia culinaria especial para los participantes.

La ruta culinaria no es sólo una oferta gastronómica, sino también una serie de eventos culinarios temáticos basados en las especialidades locales, completando de esta manera la oferta culinaria de la región de Pomerania. Vale la pena mencionar eventos como: “Noc Restauracji” (Noche de Restaurante), “Sopot od kuchni” (Sopot de Cocina), que es el Slow Food Festival, “Swieto Szparagow” (Feria de Espárragos), “Chmielaton” (Feria de la Cerveza), “Festiwal Zurawiny” (Feria de Arándanos), “Truskawkobranie” (Feria de Fresas), Pomorska Gesina na sw. Marcina (Feria de Ganso), Festiwal Pomuchla (Feria de Bacalao).

La información de los restaurantes y eventos gastronómicos de la ruta se encuentran en este blog


Restaurant Piwna 47 Food & Wine


Ul. Piwna 47

80-831 Gdańsk

Detalles de contacto:

Tel. + 48 58 380 88 80

Piwna 47 is both the name of the restaurant and its exact address which is the destination for passionates of good taste and carefully designed interior.

- We don't restrict our offer to cuisine of one, particular country. Our goal is to entertain our guests by serving fresh and delicious food, prepared according to current culinary trends - say the owners of Gdańsk-based Piwna 47 Food & Wine restaurant. This approach turned out to be a bull's-eye. There are plenty of regular guests in the restaurant each day.

Piwna 47 Food & Wine restaurant can be found in a particularly picturesque part of Gdańsk Main Town, next to the majestic St. Mary's Church. Located on Piwna street, hence the name of the restaurant, it provides an opportunity to enjoy delicious food as well as top-shelf wine.

The executive chef at Piwna 47 Food & Wine is Marcin Faliszek. This season, he strongly shows inspiration with Mediterranean cuisine.

-We serve grilled octopus, with sunflower risotto and avocado cream, lemon emulsion, and shrimp. A light, fancy dish, for more demanding guests - says Marcin Faliszek.

As a starter, chef Faliszek suggests tuna loin salad, with compressed celery and black caraway seeds, watermelon, and pickled kohlrabi.

-Another light, typically spring-summer dish is salmon with chickpeas, and green salad and coconut milk sauce. This dish is served with young carrots - says Marcin Faliszek.

Another item on the menu, a bit different from others, is common sturgeon with cream peas and courgette, with young carrots, and goat cheese ream. To the fans of meat, my suggestion is beef loin with roasted potato and mango chutney, broccoli, young carrots, and demi-glace sauce.

All products, both meat and vegetables, come from trusted, local suppliers. There is no room for coincidence: all suppliers have been co-operating with the restaurant for a long time.

As the name would suggest, "food" is only part of restaurant's operations. Wine is the second part, and it is equally important.

The main sommelier here is Przemysław Antoni Bogdański. As he says, any respectable restaurant should have a solid wine list. The wine list of Piwna 47 Food & Wine is very broad, and often surprising. Wines from all around the world can be found here: there are classic Spanish and Italian wines, but also Georgian or South African ones. - The main principle is that we don't impose any pairing of food and wine. We trust our guests' preferences and we are guided by them. We are able to pair one dish with several different kinds of wine - says Przemysław Antoni Bogdański.

This is why each visit to Piwna 47 Food & Wine is a guaranteed culinary adventure, and a chance to discover new, extraordinary flavours.