Pomorskie through the eyes of a child - what attractions await here for the youngest? Pomorskie region is - as someone well noticed - a "sea of ​​possibilities" for arriving tourists and residents. The wide range of attractions makes that not only adults, but most of all children, feel here like fish in the water - sometimes in the literal sense.

Communing with nature - sandy beaches, the sea, lakes - and participation in interesting events is not only a possibility of fun, but also an encouraging form of education for the youngest. Pomorskie has an innumerable number of places that are worth visiting with their pupils and plenty of opportunities for family and active recreation.

When asked what areas must be seen and in which events to participate, it is difficult to answer unambiguously. Below we will try to bring a bit of the amazing attractions of the region, which will reveal the mystery ... Visiting, which cannot be overlooked in the family plans is the Tri-City, which means: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

In saying that everyone will find something for themselves here, there is no exaggeration:

• Lovers of sweets will be delighted - CIU-CIU Art is a must for them in Gdańsk. It is the smallest in Poland manufacture creating sweets based on seventeenth-century technology.

• In the same city there will also be something for small scientists - Hewelianum Center - giving the opportunity to learn through fun.

• Fun for animal lovers is undoubtedly the ZOO in Gdańsk giving the opportunity to meet as many as 200 species of animals!

• Extreme sports enthusiasts will also find something for thenselves - Kolibki Adventure Park is a great adventure for supporters of strong experiences. Off-road vehicles, quads, paintball, children's amusement park - this and many other attractions await guests in Gdynia.

• Sopot, apart from walking along the longest pier in Europe, is an opportunity to visit the local Aquapark. Water attractions will please everyone - regardless of their age.

However, Pomorskei is not only the Tri-City, but many other coastal towns and extensive Kashubia. There is also where to stay. The World of Labyrinths in Scar, City Park with the largest playground in Wejherowo, Malbork Castle, the upside down house in Szymbark, Kashubian Miniature Park, Łeba Park - one of the best Dinosaur Parks in the country and observation tower in Wieżyca. It is worth to remember also the name Dolina Charlotty. A dream place for leisure for entire families with a forest amphitheater and the legendary Rock Legends festival. Children will certainly not be bored here, there are many interesting attractions waiting for them here: Rope Park, Zoo with Land of Fairy Tales, Water Safari Zoo, Seal Center, kayaks and pedal boats, fishing, horse rides, playground, football pitch mesh, inflatables and many amenities. Come and discover Pomorskie, we assure you that it is not even half of the attractions that await families with children.


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ORP "Błyskawica"


Ul. Skwer Kościuszki, Basen Prezydenta

81-376 Gdynia

Contact details:

Tel. 58 626 36 58

Just behind Kościuszki Square at the beginning of the Southern Pier there is a warship painted in grey and blue triangles. This is where ORP "Błyskawica" can be found, as the living legend of the Polish navy.

The construction of "Błyskawica" commenced at the times when the dark shadows of the predicted conflict started to seriously gather over Europe. The English shipyard at Cowes received the order for a destroyer ship for the Polish navy. The works were finished almost exactly two years before WWII broke out. "Błyskawica" and her sister ship "Grom" were at the time onamong the fastest and most modern naval ships in the world. The Polish navy was proud of both of them and the ships' combat efficiency increased the doubtful national security morale. Ironically, neither "Grom" nor "Błyskawica" ever launched a bullet in defence of Poland, invaded by the Germans in 1939. They were both sent to the UK by a controversial order issued the day before the war started.

The reason given was that such big warships were an easy target for the German air forces on the small Gdańsk Bay. The argument did not however convince the crew of the ships, as they wanted to fight and heard the news on the radio, in fact, while getting further away from their country. This way the odyssey of the Polish war ships stared, with "Błyskawica" appearing and fighting in many legendary battles and operations such as the Norwegian Campaign oand Overlord (the D-Day landings). She luckily came out untouched from all of its sea battles. She came back to Poland two years after the war ended to serve further the Polish navy still enjoying the reputation as the best Polish navy warship.

The great days of "Błyskawica" were ended after 30 years of service with a tragic accident, during which steam coming from a broken water pipe killed seven sailors. It was decided that repairs were pointless after the accident but she still served as an air defence battery. The ship retired after forty years of service and became a museum ship located at the South Pier in Gdynia. Today it is the oldest destroyer existing in the world.

ORP "Błyskawica" is a compulsory element of sightseeing Gdynia. The ship herself, her equipment and the museum exhibition located under the deck, describe the history of heroic fighting by the Polish navy in battles and in its everyday service.