The easiest, and indeed the best, way to move around Pomeranian cities is public transport. However, if you choose a taxi, we recommend the official companies. Such taxis are marked with a wide roof-top sign, and besides the TAXI sign, the visual indicators contain the name of the company and its telephone number. Taxi companies are present in all larger cities and towns of our Voivodeship and usually there are several of them. You can also order a taxi by phone 24/7 without additional charge. Taxi fares differ from company to company and are counted by kilometre. Past 10 o’clock, on Sundays and holidays, or if you want to go to distant parts of the city, you should be prepared for higher fares.

     Where vehicle traffic is limited or entirely prohibited, which is the case in many cities of our region, it is best to sightsee on foot. This way you can also better enjoy the historic city centres and feel their special and diverse atmosphere. An example is Gdańsk’s Main City, which has limited vehicle traffic and several car-free zones.


H2O LIMO - wodne taxi

Gdańsk Shuttle

Postój Taxi w Kartuzach

Komfort Taxi


Neptun Taxi Gdańsk

Medyk Taxi

Taxi Plus

Bagażówki Gdynia

iTaxi Gdańsk


Dajan Taxi

TOP TAXI Chojnice

Taxi Plus Władysławowo

Taxi Sierakowice

Taxi Sopot – Sopockie Zrzeszenie Transportowe

Taxi Mewa

Taxi Plus Wejherowo

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