The bicycle, which has recently grown in popularity among tourists and residents alike as the main means of transport, can be used to reach even the most distant corners of the city, and bicycle sightseeing in Pomerania is a pure pleasure.

     Numerous bicycle rentals provide bicycles both for short one-day trips, and for longer journeys. Many bicycle rentals provide an option to buy a guided trip. This makes sightseeing simple, fast, and pleasant, and besides, we have a personal guide to tell us about the most interesting places, and will surely let us in on some secret Pomeranian legend.


Mobile electric bike rental „Easy Rider”

Wypożyczalnia rowerów "Wielewskie Rowery"

Tourist Point Gdańsk

Buller Andrzej. Wypożyczalnia rowerów i usługi transportowe.

Nie dotyczy rowerów - wypożyczalnia rowerów w Gdańsku

Wypożyczalnia rowerów "Dwa Kółka"

Itinere - Internetowa Wypożyczalnia Sprzętu Turystycznego dla Dzieci

Wypożyczalnia rowerów w Słupsku

BikeSystem - Wypożyczalnia rowerów - Paluszyńska

Wypożyczalnia rowerów przy fokarium w Helu

Wypożyczalnia rowerów - Piotr Tul

Wypożyczalnia rowerów górskich