Gdynia Aerobaltic 2019

Kazimierz from Starogard, Deyna in Pomerania

Take a breath in Pomorskie, so have healthy winter holidays 2019

A walk around the new heart of Gdańsk

Gdańsk and not only …. From the kayak

Catch a breath in Tucholskie Forests

Kaszuby by kayak

Tucholskie Forests by kayak

Ustka zaprasza na ryby!

From “Gwiazdor” ( like Father Christmas or Santa Claus) to midnight mass. Christmas time in Low Lands, Kashubian Land and Kociewie.

Pomuchel, golce i czernina, czyli sekrety pomorskiej kuchni

Let’s go to the Tuchola Forest!

The Gods’ amber drink

Pomeranian travel in time

The season for watching the … wild nature

We go to the Forests!

Astronomical clock in Hewelius city

Pomorskie – nie tylko na plażę

Top 10 kociewskich atrakcji

Vivat Gniew! Vivat Vasa!