The low-lying Żuławy, the Kashubian hills, the lakes of Kociewie, and the forests of Tuchola – all this within your reach! Just visit the Pomeranian Voivodeship and you will see the shifting sand dunes, the Hel Peninsula, and the Vistula Spit for yourself... All draped in the lush green of forests, the rich colours of meadows and the golden sand... this is Pomerania.


The season for watching the … wild nature

The season for watching the … wild nature

The season for watching the … wild nature

Despite the moody weather, all signs on Earth and heaven indicate – Spring is waking up from a very long sleep. It wakes up and not alone! Along with the Spring from the burrows, hollows, tunnels and bushes animals are coming out as well. Despite the fact the air is still cold and not many leaves on trees – with the binoculars or the camera we can go for a stroll.

Where to start? From leaving home!

From those early Spring walks we can return with nice trofie – a deer, a fox or lying in the sun eagle will look beautifully in our … photo album. To start an adventure with the nature in Pomorskie region we do not have to invest a lot of money and we do not need have to be prepared. At the beginning we need just two things – the patience (quite often very much awarded) and silence (very easy to get  when far from the city).

The forest savoir vivre, what You need to remember

During the visits in the wild nature, especially when we plane to meet (from the distance) wild animals we should remember about few rules to avoid the stress and makes our chances to have interesting observations or good pictures higher.

- Reduce the noise to minimum. We know how difficult it is to stop the loud expressing our admiration about the forests in Pomorskie region but being loud can successfully destroy our plans to meet animals in the forest

- We keep away from the nests and dens. All young animals are graceful models…unfortunately when their parents smell the human, quite often they abandon them for good. What’s more our footsteps left around the nests may bring wild animals there.

- First of all the tidiness. We do not have to remind to anybody that keeping the nature clean is important. If we find the place where it is not clean or in a danger to the nature we should inform the proper guards – let’s not be indifferent!

Where to look, take photos and record…

The biggest variety of species, we shall find at the area which is most diverse – all kinds of swampy areas, meadows, lakes, thick forests – so areas where there very little of human interference. There is a lot of such areas around Pomorskie region – for example our Landscape Parks and its inhabitants.

Kashubian Landscape Park

Gil, Kashubian Landscape Park, fot M.Rekowska

The Coastal Landscape Park

Krabik Amerykanski, fot.The Coastal Landscape Park

The Dolina Słupi Landscape Park

Kumak nizinny, The Dolina Słupi Landscape Park, fot. I. Litwin

The Vistula Spit Landscape Park

Zając szarak, fot. The Vistula Spit Landscape Park

The Tri-City Landscape Park

Kowalik,The Tri-City Landscape Park, fot. Dariusz Ożarowski

The Wdzydze Landscape Park

Small cranes before hatching, fot. The Wdzydze Landscape Park

The Zaborski Landscape Park

Bielik, The Zaborski Landscape Park, fot. Mariusz Pomaski