Numerous well-stocked museums exhibiting the gems of the Pomeranian cultural heritage.


Biały Spichlerz

ORP "Błyskawica"

The Gdańsk National Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk

The Castle Museum in Kwidzyn

Dar Pomorza – a department of the National Museum of the Sea

National Maritime Museum

The Museum of Central Pomerania

The Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo

Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni

Muzeum of coastal defence

Museum of Kashubian and Pomeranian Literature and Music - The Przebendowski and Keyserlingk Palace

The Crane – a department of the Central Museum of the Sea

The Museum of the National Anthem in Będomin – a department of the Gdańsk National Museum

Artus Manor - a department of the Gdańsk Historical Museum

The Gdańsk Historical Museum

The Gdynia Museum

The Diocesan Museum in Pelplin