Numerous well-stocked museums exhibiting the gems of the Pomeranian cultural heritage.


The Castle of the Teutonic Knights in Malbork

The Factory Commerce in Pruszcz Gdański

The Department of Ethnography in the Abbots’ Granary – a department of the Gdańsk National Museum

The "Under the Thatch" Museum

The "Blue Lamb" Granary

Gdyńskie Muzeum Motoryzacji

Bakery and Confectionery Museum in Ustka

The Wisłoujście Fortress – a department of the Gdańsk Historical Museum

The Polish Navy Museum

Museum of Kashubian and Pomeranian Literature and Music - The Przebendowski and Keyserlingk Palace

The Maritime Culture Centre

The Castle Museum in Kwidzyn

The Museum of the Vistula River in Tczew – a department of the Central Museum of the Sea

Muzeum Słowińskiego Parku Narodowego w Czołpinie

Biały Spichlerz

The Museum of Tower Clocks – a department of the Gdańsk Historical Museum

Centrum Konserwacji Wraków Statków w Tczewie

ORP "Błyskawica"