The Słupia, the Radunia, and the Wierzyca are rivers whose location and energy of water flow was taken advantage of to build hydroelectric power plants. Many of them are still operating and can be visited. The oldest such power plant in Europe, Struga, or the Radunia’s highest-situated plant in Bielkowo, are only a few of the facilities well worth seeing. The principles of physics, chemistry, and mathematics are contained in machines and post-industrial sites, and presented at thematic exhibitions, such as in the Hewelianum Centre.


Państwowa Galeria Sztuki w Sopocie

The Dutch windmill in Palczewo

Kobben class submarine

ORP "Błyskawica"

The “Łaźnia” Contemporary Arts Centre in Gdańsk

The Chłodniewo pumping station

The Rybina Water Junction (Szkarpawa-Królewiecka-Tuga)

The post mill in Drewnica

The Museum of the Vistula River in Tczew – a department of the Central Museum of the Sea

Dam Mylof

The Crane – a department of the Central Museum of the Sea

The granaries of Ołowianka

Watermill in Lipusz

Water Power Kepice on Wieprza River

Water power Smoldzino on Lupawa river

Water power Lupawa on Lupawa river

Richter’s Granary in Słupsk

The Brewery in Bielkówko