The Gothic castles of the Teutonic Order are an inseparable element of the Pomeranian landscape. The former Capital of the Order in Malbork is also located here. The enormous castle is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


The Castle in Kwidzyn

The Castle of the Teutonic Knights in Gniew


The Wisłoujście Fortress – a department of the Gdańsk Historical Museum

The Castle in Bytów

The Castle in Sztum

The Golden Gate

ORP "Błyskawica"

The Gdańsk Grodzisko

The Jastarnia Resistance Centre

The Wyżynna (upper) Gate

Straganiarska (Huckster) Gate in Gdańsk

The Cow Gate (Brama Krowia) in Gdańsk

The Długa Street Gatehouse Complex: The Torture Room and Prison Tower

The Holy Spirit Gate (Brama Świętego Ducha) in Gdańsk

The New Gate in Słupsk

The Nizinna (lower) Gate in Gdańsk

The Torpedo Stations in Gdynia Oksywie and Babie Doły