The jewellery industry, focussed around Baltic amber, stands out as unique to the Pomeranian region. Local design studios and shops, scattered all the way across the Vistula Spit to the Hel Peninsula, boast marvellous designer collections crafted in Baltic gold and mounted in silver and other, not only precious, metals. Unique amber inlays, produced by years of experience in handling such magnificent material, distinguish themselves as monuments to skilled craftsmanship and uncommon ornamentation.


Amber Gallery of Narcissus Kalski

Galeria Bursztyn Tadeusz Dobkowski

Studio Amber

Stary Warsztat

Pracownia Biżuterii Srebrnej LEGEND

Damroka Marian Zawadzki - Chłapowo

The Amber Handicraft Works in the Amber Museum

S & A Amber Jewellery

Gallery Styl

The Prestige Amber Gallery

Gallery Moja Forma

Ambermoda (Amber fashion)

The S&A Handicraft Works

Amber Manufacture Michel

Danuta Burcik-Kruczkowska’s amber gallery and workshop