Tricity from the Water

Tricity from the Water

The most powerful element in Pomorskie is usually associated with windsurfing, kites, and yachts. But let’s go off the beaten track and try something new, less extreme though equally remarkable.

For years, Pomorskie has been expanding its ‘water’ offer, going in more unusual directions. Although the beach and water sports still attract thousands of people to the seaside, you may also explore the region from a different perspective, such as, for example, a water tram.

In Gdańsk, there are two seasonal water tram lines – F5 and F6. The first one begins at Żabi Kruk and goes through historical Westerplatte and one of the most popular beaches in Gdańsk – Brzeźno. The latter begins at Targ Rybny [Fish Market]. The next stop is the National Sailing Centre in Górki Zachodnie, and the last one is Sobieszewska Island with two ornithological reserves – Ptasi Raj and Mewia Łacha. The reserves are home to over 300 bird species, many of which are protected. It’s an amazing place, where you can commune with unspoiled nature.

An alternative to these is a cruise on Galeon Lew [The Lion Galleon] – a boat stylised like a 17th-century galleon, sailing under the Polish flag, which sails through the Gdańsk Shipyard, the Remontowa Shipyard, the docks, the port and the Wisłoujście Fortress to Westerplatte as well as organises cruises around the Gdańsk Bay. Speaking of the Bay, another huge attraction is a cruise on catamarans or hydrofoils sailing from Gdańsk, Gdynia or Sopot to the Hel Peninsula. Such a cruise is an attraction in its own right, but it’s also the fastest and most convenient way to get to the open sea.

Gdańsk is a seaside city, but it’s also located by a picturesque river – the Motława River. Therefore, one of the best ways to explore Gdańsk is in… a kayak! There is a wide selection of kayak trips, with trails going through picturesque areas along bastions on the Motława River and around shipyard areas.

Flohotel czyli wodne apartamenty na Motławie
Fot. Flohotel 

But sightseeing is not all. Now, you can also sleep and eat on water. Flohotel is the first and – so far – the only floating apartment in Tricity. It’s not a boat although its composite construction is modelled on yachts, and its laminated interiors are resistant to humidity. But that ends the similarities. It’s more of a luxury apartment with modern interior design. If you’re after an exquisite culinary experience on water, don’t pass up Bowke Cruises – a stylised boat, referring to merchant traditions of the city, faithfully rendering flavours, recipes, and traditions of Gdańsk.