Former buildings being modernised and new ones being built enrich the diversity of the Pomeranian coast. Many of them are adjusted to serve big yachts and motorboats, and they also have related modern facilities (lodgings, lavatories and shops where the tourists can buy food and sailing gear).

The Water Harbour in Swarzewo


Ul. Morska 6

84-100 Swarzewo

Contact details:

Tel. 58 674 36 16

The Water Harbour in Swarzewo is a water campsite and a tourist and sailing base.

The parking pier is composed of a fixed segment and a floating pontoon. The pier is only accessible by boats submerging between 0.3 to 0.7 metres. Larger units must dock away from the shore, at the buoys. There is a water equipment rental, a tourist information point, restaurants offering freshly caught fish and places to do the shopping necessary before reassuming travel. The chapel and sanctuary associated with the cult of Mary, Queen of the Polish Seas are must-see for tourists.