Pomorskie Culinary Prestige

The "Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinary Prestige" trail is, among other things, an offer to all those  amaterus of quality food offered by the Pomorskie region. The trail consists of restaurants that adhere to the “slow food” policy and offer meals prepared in accordance with it, basing on regional, European-quality high class products. The project is co-ordinated by the Pomorskie Tourist Board.


"Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinary Prestige" is a whole-year offer that allows to discover region’s real flavors, deeply rooted in its history and unique products. The trail includes restaurants from all around Pomorskie region and whose chefs bring to you unforgettable taste experience. Original approach to tradition and regional products in the restaurants along the trail guarantees remarkable culinary experience.


However, it is not all about restaurant offer, but also several culinary events based on regional specialties and, in this way, complementing region’s offer. Among those worth mentioning are: Restaurant Night, Sopot Od Kuchni Slow Food Festival, Asparagus Feast, Chmielaton, Cranberry Festival, Strawberry Picking, St. Martin’s Pomorskie Goose or Pomuchla Festival.


All information on the restaurants and culinary events of the trail are available on a dedicated blog


"Pod Łososiem" Restaurant


Ul. Szeroka 52/54

80-803 Gdańsk

Contact details:

Tel. 58 301 76 52

The history of the restaurant dates back to 1598, when Abrose Vermollen established an inn and a liquor manufacture that produced the famous Goldwasser.

The tradition of the place was not forgotten and after World War II the building was rebuilt, and now gives its guests a feeling of real prestige, with its unique atmosphere and delicious food. The specialties include boletus soup served in bread, braided salmon and sole, roast duck in apples, Polish pierogi and sirloin of three presidents, which was served during George Bush's, Richard von Weizacker's and Lech Wałęsa's visit. It is a perfect place regardless of the character of the meeting, be it a romantic dinner for two or a family meal.