Pomorskie restauracje to miejsca ze wspaniałym menu i niezapomnianą atmosferą, zlokalizowane często w zabytkowych częściach miast.

"Dym na Wodzie" Restaurant


Ul. Żeromskiego 1

76-270 Ustka

Contact details:

Tel. 793 432 403

Dym Na Wodzie restaurant is an unconventional place: it does not have a fixed menu, which makes it easier to prepare new, seasonal dishes.

Here, the year is divided into six periods, just as in the Polish calendar: summer, Polish Golden autumn, the rainy season, winter, hungry gap and spring. Restaurant's chef aims at using as many local products as possible, such as: goat cheese from Swołowo, "Marylka" cheese from Lubuczewo, meats from Starków and different local breeders, local wine from Głobin, sea and lake fish, free range geese, etc. Wines from all over the world are also available on the menu.