The fishing harbours of Pomerania’s seaside towns  have already become ingrained in its landscape. Today, aside from continuing to fulfil their original functions, they are a true tourist attraction, drawing legions of tourists who want to experience their singular fishing atmosphere. The harbours enchant the visitor with their ambience, and the colourful fishing boats, combined with the nets left to dry out here, exude a fairy-tale aura. Such picturesque sights are not uncommon by our sea – it’s enough to pay a visit to a Kashubian village to feel and see them with your own eyes.

The fishing harbour in Puck

It is beautifully located at the foot of the enormous Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul.

The history of the trading harbour in Puck began in the early Middle Ages, its relics hidden deep in the waters of the bay. Between the 16th and 17th Centuries it served as a base for a privateer fleet and royal armada. It is also the traditional place of Poland's Wedding to the Sea, which took place here on 10 February 1920. This event is commemorated by a symbolic wedding pole and the bust of Gen. Józef Haller, who led the ceremony. Only a few colourful boats moor in the harbour at a time, but the fishing atmosphere is strongly felt here, thanks to the "U Budzisza" Kashubian Fried Fish Establishment, which is located nearby.