History in making – five most interesting manors and palaces of northern Kashubia

History in making – five most interesting manors and palaces of northern Kashubia

End of winter and beginning of spring is always a time of change. Nature wakes up and people finally can go outside. Talking about the outside – Pomerania have some amazing outdoor places that just wait for a visit in hot sunny days. Here we present a subjective list of five best of them:

Wieniawa Palace

It’s not only four star hotel, but most importantly a luxury SPA. With surroundings of XIX century palace, the place feels magical and helps regenerate not only your body but also soul. Near enough big city lights to enjoy them and far enough to keep the place quiet.

Pałac w Rekowie Górnym, Pomorskie.Travel

Jackowo Farm

Good alternative to exclusive indoors is always a rural farm. One of the best of its kind is Jackowo Farm. It’s an extraordinary place, where hosts make sure that everyone feels like at home. Undoubtedly, one of the assets of this place is local kitchen. Thanks to being a certified ecological farm, every meal is prepared from completely natural and seasonal products. Additional attraction is horse stable. Clients can bring they own animal or use eight local mounts.

Ciekocinko Palace

The idea for this next place is rather unconventional. As the owner says – it’s a time travel. Main goal of this five star resort is to experience life as it was one hundred years ago. Original antique furniture, wallpaper – you name it. Every detail is taken care of. Of course, versatility is important, that’s why Ciekocinko Palace has a vide range of spa&wellness services and outstanding restaurant. Additionally, every year brings another edition of prestigious horseback riding competition.

Pałac Ciekocinko, Pomorskie.Travel

Krokowa Castle

It’s not easy to describe an atmosphere of an extraordinary place. Place, where our paths cross with toese of our ancestors, kings, aristocrats, philosophers and artists. Especially interesting is the history of von Krockow line, heirs to Krokowa Castle. Nowadays, it’s a rather cosy hotel, but it’s museum part is something to look for. As in every castle, the one in Krokowa needed its white dame. Here, it was Luiza von Krockow, beautiful and talented countess, who brought the castle to its glory in XVIII century more than anyone else.

Rzucewo Castle

Cherry on top of all these palaces is indubitably this neogothic edifice that looks like medieval castle. Amazing, long for 1000 steps linden valley leads to the palace. The legend says, that king Jan III Sobieski planted it himself. It’s definitely a great place for dreamers, people with creative imagination. Its mysterious beauty enraptures anyone who sees it. In old times it was a comfortable, aristocratic residence, nowadays – it’s high-standard hotel that gives their guest peace, rest and a calm place to work. Atmosphere of past centuries enriches evenings around the fireplace in hunter’s cabin, tasting exquisite wines in stylish winery or feasting round the bonfire.

Zamek w Rzucewie, Pomorskie.Travel