Explore Kashubia… in a PMR train!

Explore Kashubia… in a PMR train!

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna), together with local governments of towns located along its route, has prepared a special map of tourist attractions reachable by train. The publication entitled “PMR and its surroundings” (“PKM i okolice”) includes travel suggestions from Tri-City and depths of Kashubia region, perfect for one-day hikes as well as longer journeys.

-It is our way to encourage both tourists who visit our region, as well as its inhabitants, to use railway for tourist purposes, especially from Tri-City into Kashubia, and from Kashubia to Tri-City - says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Province. - The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway presents a quick commute opportunity, an easy way to get to school, to the airport, as well as a means of getting out of town for weekend or holiday. And this is what we will be trying to encourage both visitors and region's inhabitants to do.

Railway tourism delights

A map of tourist attractions located near the train route, distributed by PKM SA, is a practical guide to all interested in exploring the region. The map can be obtained free of charge in tourist information points in Tri-City and Kashubia, as well as local government offices along the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway route.

-All the materials are bi-lingual, English and Polish. We hope that tehy will encourage foreign tourists as well to explore our beautiful region by train - says Ryszard Świlski, member of Board of Pomorskie Voivodeship responsible for train transportation in the region. - The list of our voivodeship's tourist attractions is very long, and many of them are located in the immediate neighbourhood of railways handled by the Tri-City's SKM company as part of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway project. For this reason, we decided to include the most interesting from the long list of attractions in our map, showing they can be quickly and easily reached by train.

Train: a faster and more comfortable way to travel

Regardless of whether you live or spend holiday in Tri-City, and would like to visit Kashubia, or are planning a short trip to Gdańsk or Gdynia from Kartuzy or Kościerzyna, train will be the best and most comfortable means of transportation. It's not limited by traffic, it's modern, and air-conditioned. Add the possibility to enjoy picturesque views of Kashubia, and you will quickly understand why the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway route is considered by many to be one of the most visually appealing railway routes in our country!

32 and more attractions

The map "PMR and its surroundings" includes a total of 32 attractions selected by local governments located along the route of the train. These attractions were deemed most worth recommending to tourists. In addition, the map also includes the address and QR code of the website Pomorskie.travel, which contains information on nearly all tourist attractions of Pomorskie Voivodeship. Also, in order to check the best possible way to reach a selected destination, all you have to do is use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the map's cover, which will automatically launch an on-line SKM train schedule.

Publishing partners of "PMR and its surroundings": The Government of Pomorskie Voivodeship, cities and towns: Sopot, Gdynia, Kartuzy, Kościerzyna, Żukowo; communes: Stężyca and Somonino, and Kościerzyna county.