Gdynia was created from the sea and dreams of the post-war generation of Poles, according to the words of Stefan Żeromski, the Polish writer of the times, “…a poem created in wood, stone, concrete and iron, an overwhelming drama depicting the taking from the sea of the forces of water, depth and power…”. Today it is a modern and dynamically-growing city with its modern development and economy open towards the sea.

The Open`er Festival

The Open`er Festival

Although the first Open'er took place in 2002 at Stegny in Warsaw, it was moved to Gdynia the next year. During the next nine years the event’s connection with Gdynia grew and now it is one of the most important music events in summer in northern Poland. 

For several first years it was organised on the central square in Gdynia-Kościuszki square. However, the number of participants was so huge that it had to be quickly relocated to a new venue. The Marine Army airport in Babie Doły, Kosakowo proved to be the ideal place, located just over the northern city limits of Gdynia. The location is very convenient, as it is distant from the quiet centre of town and all participants can feel at ease just there. It is accessible by a special bus line which runs from the centre of Gdynia. Upon presenting your concert ticket.

The Festival evolves from year to year and it has a very diverse character.The artistes perform on several stages and the audience can plan their own itinerary among music styles. The event starts late afternoon and last overnight until dawn. The safety of participants is guarded by security and medics and after the whole night of fun sleep can be found on the local camping site.

The Open'er Festival is extremely popular among audience and artistes. In the previous years it hosted such stars as the Sex Pistols, Massive Attack, Faith No More, Björk, Skunk Anansie, Maria Peszek, Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa and Izrael.

The recognition of the Open'er Festival and the attending audience are still growing, and it also wins prestigious awards. The first edition at the airport was nominated by "Q", the British magazine, as one of the six most important festivals that year.