Numerous well-stocked museums exhibiting the gems of the Pomeranian cultural heritage.

The Museum of Amber – a department of the Gdańsk Historical Museum

Amber is strongly related to the Baltic region due to the presence of its beds in this area and its historical associations.

One of the youngest museums in Gdańsk, opened in June 2006, is located in the Foregate Complex of Dluga Street, a historical, unique in the world scale,14th century Gothic building with Renaissance additions. The Complex is composed of Prison Tower and Torture Tower which are connected by junction called The Neck. Situated in the historic heart of Gdansk, the museum stands at the crossroads of the city's main tourist routes and in the past the building used to be a key element of the medieval fortifications. Museum of Amber presenting a history of amber, its origin, abilities, ways of acquisition and processing over centuries starting from the oldest days until present. In the first chamber the visitors can find a priceless collection of natural amber forms - large lumps, animal and plant inclusions, very sophisticated color specimens and very diverse fossil resins from all over the world.

During the tour we could admire outstanding examples of old art - the oldest one from Neolithic, than articles made in the time of Roman Empire and later, in early medieval ages. The most precious and beautiful objects came from "Golden Age" of Gdansk history, when city was one of the most important centres of amber craft. On display we are showing a magnificent examples of fine old amber art like cabinets, caskets, altars, lockets, cutlery or flirt game set. Our interests is risen also by nowadays artistic craft and contemporary jewellery of significant designers showed with the help of different media and by very avant-garde staging. Thanks to such approach, we can find ourselves in the middle of amber forest, inhale the smell of amber or watch the amber fashion gala.

In Prison Tower, arrangement of three cells refers to a grim and gloomy tradition of this place. The first one shows a preparation to the execution, next one is a standard place of solitary detention and in last one, we can find a tools which were used to force the confession. All visitors may enrich its knowledge watching the movie about history of Foregate Complex of Dluga Street and those who perceive the past as a history of the life of common people, can follow the story of trial of one of the prisoners.

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