International Organ Music Festival in Oliwa

International Organ Music Festival in Oliwa

     The International Organ Music Festival in Oliwa Cathedral is one of the oldest and most renowned organ festivals in Europe.

Surrounded by a post-Cisterian landscape park, the historic cathedral, constructed in 1186, is a place where large numbers of tourists flock from all around the world. The first feature on their schedule is usually the Cathedral at Oliwa, where they can admire its historic interiors and enjoy the unique sound of its organ. With the history of the festival in Oliwa spanning over half a century and its rich musical legacy and its contemporary achievements in this field, Gdańsk is an important Hub of organ music in Europe.

The core idea behind the International Organ Music in Oliwa Cathedral is to foster the rich musical tradition of Gdańsk. The city has a great and long-standing tradition of organ music, which over the centuries has seen European cultures, religions and musical trends cross each other.

Boasting a historic instrument and a rich tradition of organ music, Oliwa Cathedral ranks among the most beautiful historical religious edifices in Europe. In the over-800-years-old Cathedral, a permanent feature is music, echoing through the maze of fascinating features of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture.

The organ in Oliwa Cathedral is internationally renowned for its unique Rococo case featuring angels and an oval stained glass, over which, depicted as a dove, hovers the Holy Spirit. With its epic proportions and forward-looking design, the instrument's façade makes a stunning impression. The organ, which has been consistently modernized and expanded since 1776 until the present day, comprises three instruments - the great organ, the choir organ, and the positive organ. They contain a total of 7876 pipes and 110 registers. The longest pipes can range up to 10 meters.

The festival in Oliwa is attended by the best-in-class organ virtuosos and improvisers, titular organists at the greatest cathedrals in Europe and across the world. Organ music performed during the festival concerts covers the entire range of eras in music, contemporary organ music included.

The festival has developed a fine tradition in that the performing organists present their "national colors" through their music. The array of sounds, combined with the masterful skills of the organists, provides the most valuable musical experience, something that has been an asset of the festival for decades.

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