Today, the Pomeranian Voivodeship hosts 9 landscape parks, forming a considerable natural and landscape potential, and also cultural and historical assets. The area continuously welcomes new nature and educational paths and their proper marking and well-thought-out design facilitate in-depth exploration of these exceptionally-valuable surroundings.

The Kashubian Landscape Park

The Kashubian Landscape Park is an area protected for its natural, historical, cultural and scenic values.

Its great natural asset are its numerous postglacial lakes, which, connected by rivers, create some of Poland's most beautiful water routes. One of them is "Kółko Raduńskie" - a trail connecting 14 lakes that provides an unforgettable experience. The forest complexes of the Kashubian Landscape Park hide a wealth of nature and numerous nature reserves containing and protecting unique flora invite you to explore them along the many hiking, cycling and horse riding routes.

An undeniable asset of the Kashubian Landscape Park is its lie of the land. As regards height differences, it is a submontane landscape. The numerous hills and valleys are densely cut with ribbon lakes. This makes this natural landscape unique in Pomerania. The heavily-forested Szymbark Hills with the highest point in the North European Plain - Wieżyca (328.6 metres above mean sea level) are considered amongst the most picturesque and scenic. Here stands a 35 metre-high tower which affords a view of the vast open landscape around.

The Kashubian Landscape Park is far more than just breathtaking nature - it also stands for the widely-known Kashubian culture and history. The folk art, particularly Kashubian embroidery, painting and ceramics still find a great many enthusiasts. A special attraction is the Kashubian language, which is nurtured by the residents of the local Communes. Moreover, the many Regional museums, such as the Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy and the Necel Kashubian Ceramics Museum in Chmielno, encourage the tourist to get to know Kashubian culture. Other attractions include the Botanical Garden in Gołubie, the still developing Centre for Education and Promotion in Szymbark and the historic religious and lay architecture. Village buildings, live folklore, the extraordinary landscape and the natural beauty of this land are invaluable assets of the Kashubian National Park.

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Foto: A. Socha