In times of old the Romans, Goths, and other peoples traversed Pomerania, leaving in their wake burial sites and numerous items now found in the earth.

Reserve "Stone Circles" in Odry

A reserve called Polish Stonehenge attracts every year tourists eager to learn about the secrets of this place. The origins of the reserve "Stone Circles" date back to 1958, while the circles themselves come from the period of Roman influence.

The stone circles are the largest in Poland, and the second largest in Europe. Archaeological research has shown it is a cemetery consisting of family tombs of probably the Goths from 1st and 2nd century AD. Within the reserve there are 12 different sized circles and 30 barrows. Natural qualities of the place are also worth examining. In 1992, in the course of specialized study 86 species of lichens that cover those mysterious boulders were examined and listed.